Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Chimney Bay, Georgian Bay & Echo Bay, Georgian Bay

Day 94 ... Sunday, July 23, 2017 ... 10.3 miles; 1:15 hours
Bay Moorings, Penetanguishene Harbor to Chimney Bay, Beausoleil Island, Georgian Bay
Another dreary morning for a quick run to our first anchorage in a long, long time. No more lock walls for now. The Bay Rip chose for tonight has 3 different Parks Canada docks. They were all full by the time we anchored. Some larger boats left, but we were settled and happy. 
Chimney Bay anchorage

private home on a rock island by the anchorage

our view for the night

sky started to brighten, finally
The dock park area nearest our boat had a beach to land the dinghy when taking Cally to shore, a restroom (more like a port-a-potty in a wooden structure labeled men's and women's), a covered open pavilion, 4 raised wooden tent sites and bear proof trash receptacle. A lot of boats were anchored out around us. The rain held off until after we went to bed, yay! 
All in all, very pretty and quiet.

Day  95 ... Monday, July 24, 2017 ... 9.8 miles; 1.5 Hours
Chimney Bay, Beausoleil Island to Bone Island, Georgian Bay

Yet, another damp day. The morning cloud cover gave way to mist and then light rainy mist. First up, a very narrow passage, Big Dog Channel.
entrance to Big Dog channel

the end of Bog Dog channel


glad no other boats are coming our way

A short run to another pretty anchorage, but this time we, Lab Partners and Firestorm, scored spots at the Parks Canada dock! Seems only fair, it is raining and this is probably our last Parks Canada dock. The rest of our time in Canada will be in anchored in areas without official Parks Canada docks or in marinas.
the small park area off the dock

quite picturesque
 This one doesn't have trash bin, bummer. And people have left trash by the rest room style Port-a-potty ... which could attract bears, so we will stay away from this one. I must say, this is the first time I have seen trash like this since entering Canada. Even after the huge Canada Day festival and fireworks, there was three or four pieces of trash in acres of fields where people and their cars were for the event. 

There are six other boats besides Firestorm and us. Three of the boats are French-Canadian. Very odd hearing all the conversation and not understanding any of it. Hearing it on the VHF is odd, too, when two French-Canadian boats are hailing each other.
On the move again tomorrow to Echo Bay or Henry's Fish Camp, if it is open. 

Day 96 ... Tuesday, July 25, 2017 ... 31 miles in 4 hours
Bone Island to Echo Bay, San Souci
the green line is our route ... through lots of rocks and islands
As dreary as yesterday was, today was delightful. Blue sky, light winds, mild temps and stunning scenery. I will let the pics tell the story. Though, it is much more impressive than I can capture.
another rock sculpture

heading in-between these two rock islands

shore line

another passage

shore line

We are anchored out in a small bay or pool ... local smaller boats use the Park provided rings set in the rock walls to stern anchor to. 
two boats rafted together, but each anchored to shore and have bow anchors out

guy in his dinghy taking an anchor line to shore

another stern anchored boat
They pull up nearby; take a line to shore with the dinghy and back to the boat. They also use a regular bow anchor. We are anchored as normal in the middle of the bay with Firestorm near by. There is a Park provided dinghy dock to easily get Cally to shore!!
beautiful view

Today may be my favorite days so far on the Loop ... perfect weather, nice cruise and a beautiful anchorage. Oh, and steak, potato and salad for dinner! What's not to like?

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