Thursday, August 24, 2017

St Ignace, MI

Day 126 … Thursday, August 24, 2017 … 51.7 miles; 6 hours

Drummond Island, MI to St Ignace, MI

StIgnace (48)Cool start to the day at 52 degrees; Rip turned on the diesel heat to take the chill out of the air this morning … and it is LATE AUGUST! Still, the wind had died down from the last 2 days; so temps were comfortable and only got better and sunnier as the day continued.StIgnace (50)

6 Looper boats & 3 locals had holed up at Drummond Island Marina during the wild winds … all were leaving about the same time this morning. We managed to get over to the fuel dock for a pump out before the others went for fuel and pump outs … we could have waited an hour or more if we’d been last in line. Without needing fuel, we were in & out quick.

DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR1547.JPGNice flat seas today. Mostly open water, except for the passage thru DeTour. We are in the land of big water and bigger boats StIgnace (8)again. We haven’t seen the large ships since we left the Hudson River back in early June. I doubt it will be much different than the big ships in the Chesapeake Bay.

StIgnace (19)

We passed Mackinac Island. We do not plan to stop there nor take the ferry over to hang out. We are ready to keep moving on, for now.

StIgnace (23)StIgnace (31)StIgnace (32)StIgnace (35)

So, on to the marina of choice for tonight, St Ignace Marina in St Ignace, MI. StIgnace (20)We have Mackinac Island in sight and can watch all the ferries taking folks back and forth.StIgnace (28)

Bonus, we catch back up to Firestorm! StIgnace (52)Though we are going separate ways tomorrow; I am sure we will catch back up again down the lake somewhere. We had 2 Amazon deliveries waiting for us and 3 prescriptions filled & ready to pick up at the local pharmacy. Plus, there was an Ace Hardware beside the marina … Rip needed for hose parts. That should keep us busy for today. Well, that and docktails with Firestorm! Tomorrow am we will head on to Charlevoix for 2 days.

StIgnace (25)StIgnace (26)StIgnace (43)StIgnace (51)StIgnace (53)