Friday, May 4, 2018

Launch Day for our new Lab Partners

May 4, 2018 – Maiden Voyage

4 Miles, 1 hour tour of Campbell Creek

LaunchDay2018 (1)Finally, after all Rip’s hard work updating, upgrading our new to us 2007 Rosborough RF-246, Hull#418 hits the water for the first time!!LaunchDay2018 (2)

Rip did a fabulous job backing out the curved driveway and down the local boat ramp to launch!! All this manually, the regular way, without the new trailer backing system the new truck has where you turn a dial to tell it to back. We have not installed the stickers on trailer so truck cameras can sense the trailer.

LaunchDay2018 (3)LaunchDay2018 (4)

Water was really low; no issues for Rip. He did say we wouldn’t have been able to get her out of the water onto trailer with the water this low.

LaunchDay2018 (6)LaunchDay2018 (7)LaunchDay2018 (8)LaunchDay2018 (9)LaunchDay2018 (10)LaunchDay2018 (12)

Rip surveyed & sea trailed the “bad boat”. He surveyed this boat; including engine survey – he didn’t sea trail her. Today was the first day testing her out & all went great!!

LaunchDay2018 (13)LaunchDay2018 (14)LaunchDay2018 (17)LaunchDay2018 (20)LaunchDay2018 (18)

Wonder where we will go first?? Looking forward to a spring and summer of trips plus afternoon cocktail cruises!!