Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Corset Island–a Public Park Boat Ramp / Launch

Tues, Feb 26th: Riviera Beach, FL to Corset Island, FL
25 miles   …   3.5 hours
CorsetIsland (3)
We didn’t have far to go today, so we didn’t have to rush off first thing in the morning. Rip got a bit of a rest.
We went to a Public Park at Corset Island, just off the ICW. They have a park with boat ramp, trash cans and restrooms. It’s all we need.
CorsetIsland (2)
After getting in the slip and as I was walking Cally – a 2 hour max notice was seen. Well, we see if anyone kicks us out.
Mostly, we were quite the curiosity. Several people asked about the boat; everyone stared. One guy got a tour of the boat, then came back a couple hours later with his wife so she could see the boat.
No one bothered us - We had a nice quiet night (though there was a fast rain storm during the night) and moved on early the next morning.
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