Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Wharf at Orange Beach, AL for a week!!

Day 196 … Thurs, Nov 2nd; 34.3 miles; 4:15 hours … and Fri, Nov 3rd to Wed, Nov 8th

Fairhope Yacht Club, Fairhope, AL to The Wharf, Orange Beach, AL

TheWharf 2Nov8 (4)Not a long day to travel today; first up, Mobile Bay down to the Gulf ICW (GICW)TheWharf 2Nov8 (8)TheWharf 2Nov8 (51)DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR1966.JPGTheWharf 2Nov8 (53)TheWharf 2Nov8 (55)

Then we pass LuLu’s …popular restaurant on the water with free dockage while you eat. LuLu Buffett has a pretty famous brother. Jimmy. Ever heard of him?

TheWharf 2Nov8 (57)TheWharf 2Nov8 (60)

We didn’t have time to stop; plus leaving Cally on the boat with the lunch crowd steps away might actually get her barking … so we keep moving.

But these folks stopped … see the BRAKE LIGHTS?? That is a DUCK BOAT, when it goes up to a boat ramp, it drives up on land on it’s wheels!!

TheWharf 2Nov8 (58)

The Wharf at Orange Beach, AL is home for a week. An a fun week it has been. PLUS, TheWharf 2Nov8 (19)Rip repaired the dinghy motor (parts were waiting for him when we arrived), 8 loads of laundry, flu shots, shopping, provisioning, boat cleaning … and more.

TheWharf 2Nov8 (21)Dinner out with Mike & Laurie from Firestorm, Jim & Mandy from Shell Belle and Bob & Barbara from Chemistry. TheWharf 2Nov8 (22)

At Fishers, Dockside Restaurant at Orange Beach marina

TheWharf 2Nov8 (42)

Tilley is aboard Chemistry and played with CallyTheWharf 2Nov8 (43)

TheWharf 2Nov8 (3)I even got to put my toes in the sand & surf. The beaches here are BEAUTIFUL!!

TheWharf 2Nov8 (2)

The Wharf is a resort sort of place … marina plus condos, shopping, restaurants, ferris wheel, pool with lazy river, farmers market, and more.TheWharf 2Nov8 (29) TheWharf 2Nov8 (28)TheWharf 2Nov8 (14)

Even a Zip Line with 4 stations; but, still under construction. Should not be long til it is in play!!TheWharf 2Nov8 (15)

Ours views from the boat this week …TheWharf 2Nov8 (10)TheWharf 2Nov8 (11)TheWharf 2Nov8 (13)TheWharf 2Nov8 (31)

This guy walks the dock beside us all day … until Cally gets on the dock.

TheWharf 2Nov8 (61)

Good night from The Wharf …

TheWharf 2Nov8 (32)