Wednesday, August 16, 2017

On Our Way West Again - Eagle Island

Day 118 … Wed, Aug 16, 2017 … 22.4 miles; 2:45 hours
Little Current to Eagle Island
EagleIsland (2)Feels great to be under way, headed west and towards the crossing point to the USA! EagleIsland (18)
Yesterday was SUCH a long day for us all … Lab Partners, Firestorm, One Eye Dog & Gypsie’s Palace.
We headed back to the area, just passed the Benjamin Islands were we would have been today, despite our detour yesterday.
EagleIsland (1)EagleIsland (14)EagleIsland (15)

EagleIsland (16)
Today we have a very quiet anchorage, with just our two boats (Lab Partners & Firestorm). Not much here, but pretty mountain views to the other side.
The plan is to head to Long Point Cove tomorrow, then to Meldrum Bay as soon as the weather allows for a night and finally to Drummond Island USA!! Where we check back into the USA and leave Canada behind; but, not all our great memories.