Thursday, November 9, 2017

We Made it to Florida! English Navy Cove at anchor.

Day 203 … Thurs, Nov 9, 2017 … 29.9 miles, 3:45 hours

The Wharf, Orange Beach AL to English Navy Cove, Gulf Breeze, FL

After a week at The Wharf, it was almost hard to leave. Great place, nice amenities, thoughtful & attentive staff plus great place for Cally to walk, play with friends and chase balls.

We left the slip;moved over to the fuel dock for a pump out … then on east we went.

Firestorm stayed at the dock … Laurie & Mike drove to their home on St Johns River to check on the house. Larry & April (One Eye Dog) have crossed their wake (finished their Loop) and are staying behind to sell the boat & head home to California for the holidays. I cannot believe we will not see OED until they start Loop #2 and come by our house. Not sure when, or which boat, that will be … but we will leave the light on for them. Then, we passed where Steve & Debbie (Gypsies Palace) are for another 4-5 days having work done on the boat.IMG_0211IMG_0213IMG_0215IMG_0218IMG_0219IMG_0220

A few times today we were only separated from the Gulf of Mexico by dunes …


buoy marking a shoaling point, with current ripping by; but we are in deep water as we pass by.


As we passed Pensacola, several jets & planes were out for training and giving us a show. Too far away to catch anything special with the camera, but it was fun. The Pensacola Air Show is this weekend, so lots of practice time for the fly boys & girls. Below are shots of the Death Spiral ….


Anchorage for the night is English Navy Cove, by a park with beach and boat ramp for Cally’s shore dooty.


IMG_0227First trip to shore, Rip scored dinner from a fisherman coming back to shore!!IMG_0228

It is cool today, almost cold. We started the day in drizzle, clouds broke thru before noon with bright sunshine. Clouds have overtaken the sky again. Back to dreary conditions for us for now.