Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Fort Pierce, FL

Wed, Feb 27th: Corset Island to Fort Pierce City Marina

27.9 miles   …   4 hours

FortPierce (20)We were off the dock by 7:50 am. Might be a new record for us. 9am is more our starting time. Last night was hot on the boat with no AC and partially closed up due to rain. No one slept well; we were all awake early.

A nice day to travel … sights along the way:

FortPierce (15)FortPierce (10)FortPierce (19)

This was a fun stop; a place we could enjoy staying for a few days. There was a mini farmers market. we passed on everything but the Kettle Korn and fresh squeezed Lemonade!!

FortPierce (7)FortPierce (5)FortPierce (6)FortPierce (13)FortPierce (12)

Rip found a place for dessert – Gelato!

FortPierce (3)

Art Studio next to the Gelato Store – I thought this was cool.

FortPierce (2)