Thursday, October 12, 2017

Swallow Bluff Island … has goats

Day 175 … Thurs, Oct 12, 2017 … 43.6 miles; 5:30 hours
Densons Island to Swallow Bluff Island
Very overcast and cool this morning. Below is the anchorage we left this am; Scott Free is still there.
Scenes along the way today …
What do you think it took to create this beach volley ball site?? And, why??
Often, one side of the river is granite/rock cliffs
While the other side is low; here with a home made boat ramp for locals
Often there was a “town” comprised of camper sites.
Big tall sheds where you pull the RV or camper under to protect from heat & sun. Many have beaches or floating docks
Wildlife along the way today …
Our anchorage for tonight … another island we ducked behind to separate us from the river traffic.
Below, Cally’s little island for shore dooty is left. the big island to the right has goats on it!!
There is a terrific beach FINALLY!!!! Cally gets to go off leash and run to her hearts content. Well, she gets to run on the small island. The big island has GOATS. We saw 3 as we entered, but haven’t seen any along the shoreline by the boat to take pics of, yet.