Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Visiting Family & Friends for the Week.

Day 14 ... May 3, 2017  -  4.8 miles traveled, 45 minutes traveled                  
Rhode River to the West River, MD
Our view at Hartge Yacht Harbor for the next week
Not a far run today, just under 5 miles from the Rhode River to Hartge Yacht Harbor in Galesville. Galesville is such a cute little town and Hartge's is a fun spot. We had the boat here 2 years ago for a couple months and throughly enjoyed being part of the Hartge Family. Best part was ... they had us in a slip beside Magnolia. Owned by Anthony & Annette Baker, who are also friends of our friends/neighbors Mike & Kathy Orr. What a small world. Now we easily call the Baker's good friends and enjoy following their boat travels up & down the east coast. Twice they have been kind enough to stop by Campbell Creek and hang with us for a day. This year we left only 2 days before they were close enough to stop by. So, see ya next year Magnolia. 
Office overlooking the West River
Hartge's is a large facility, with a quaint/ cottage feel, in a quiet part of the West River off the Chesapeake Bay, just south of Annapolis. There is even a guest cottage for people to come visit and stay when you are staying on your boat. 
I love this setting. Saturdays there is a Donut/Bagel/Coffee bar for slip holders
There is a resident black lab, Stella Booth, for Cally to play with and places to go swim. 
Resident Lab, Stella Booth
The bath house has been redone since we were here last time. WOW, BEST bath house I have been to!! Rivals some baths in "resort" golf hotel suites. Marinas are not usually known for their fancy bath rooms.
Really pretty bath room at Hartge's

Love the lights over the vanity ... held by chain with an anchor
Tonight is errand time with Rip being picked up by his brother, Ham, to go get a car for us to use while we are here. While he does that, I will do laundry. This time it is at the back end of the adorable GUEST cottage with water views and Heart Pine Floors! So, cute. Makes a chore a little more pleasant. 
Guest cottage is for rent, so people can come visit and not have to stay on your boat
the laundry is at the end of this building overlooking the marina
Once we have wheels again, we can visit folks, run a few errands (like groceries) and such We have two dinners planned already with good friends. Pizza Night here on the boat tomorrow and Crab Cakes at Thursday's Sunday night. That's another long story for another day.

Rip needed a hair cut, so Cally & I went shopping.

Thursday night was Pizza night with Dick & Cathy, long time boating buddies, was wonderful; so good ... no pics and almost no leftovers!

Three times this week we have been able to visit my fabulous Mother-In-Law, Liz Rumsey Tyler Finkle, at Sunrise Assisted Living in Severna Park. 
Rip and Liz

Cally gets to visit too!!
Cally gets completely worn out visiting the folks at Sunrise. Little Miss Nosy Body has to watch everything and everyone. 

Cally went straight to bed after visiting all the folks at Sunrise
After the first visit, she sleep the entire next day. AND, I mean the whole day.
On Sat, May 6th, we were treated to a Bell Choir concert. Very pleased the bells did't startle or bother Cally. She did well, only "talking" when folks came up to her and then stopped petting her.
Cally listening to a Bell Choir at Sunrise

Rip & Liz watching the Bell choir
Sunday, May 7th; Ham & LuAnne took the time to come down to Galesville and visit over lunch. It was a nice treat to see them both (and catch up on the family) before we head further north.
Ham & LuAnne Tyler stopped by Lab Partners for a visit
Friends Marc & Kerry met us at Thursday's in Galesville for dinner, then back to the boat to hang out for a while. We were introduced to Marc years ago because he is a boat broker and we were in need of advice. His advice was, and is, spot on. He and Kerry have since become good friends. When talking about Marc, we always call him, "Our Boat Broker, Marc Thomas" (of Luke Brown Yachts). He has done a great job for us and is extremely smart & intuitive about boats & boating people. They are also dog people, making them even more our kind of folks.
Marc and I watching Rip show off some of his handy work
Rip showing the engine room, via infrared camera 
Cally brought Kerry her favorite toy to play with ...
that means Kerry is very special indeed

Rip, Marc & Cally
Monday, May 8th was time to provision the boat for the next leg of our journey. That means a trip to KMart (for things we have decided we need, like a larger frying pan and a one step step stool for me to reach things in the galley) and back to the grocery store. Planning for the next 12 or so days and then gearing up for it all.
A trip to see friends, a stop by the office and then back to Sunrise. Too much for one day; no photos.

Time to say good bye ... such a pretty spot
Tuesday, May 9th - our last day at Hartge Yacht Harbor. Time to fill up the water tanks, empty the holding tank (that was actually yesterday) and generally straighten up so we can leave in the am. Sort of sad to leave. It does feel like home here. But, onward we go on this adventure.
In her slip at Hartge's