Friday, May 4, 2018

Launch Day for our new Lab Partners

May 4, 2018 – Maiden Voyage

4 Miles, 1 hour tour of Campbell Creek

LaunchDay2018 (1)Finally, after all Rip’s hard work updating, upgrading our new to us 2007 Rosborough RF-246, Hull#418 hits the water for the first time!!LaunchDay2018 (2)

Rip did a fabulous job backing out the curved driveway and down the local boat ramp to launch!! All this manually, the regular way, without the new trailer backing system the new truck has where you turn a dial to tell it to back. We have not installed the stickers on trailer so truck cameras can sense the trailer.

LaunchDay2018 (3)LaunchDay2018 (4)

Water was really low; no issues for Rip. He did say we wouldn’t have been able to get her out of the water onto trailer with the water this low.

LaunchDay2018 (6)LaunchDay2018 (7)LaunchDay2018 (8)LaunchDay2018 (9)LaunchDay2018 (10)LaunchDay2018 (12)

Rip surveyed & sea trailed the “bad boat”. He surveyed this boat; including engine survey – he didn’t sea trail her. Today was the first day testing her out & all went great!!

LaunchDay2018 (13)LaunchDay2018 (14)LaunchDay2018 (17)LaunchDay2018 (20)LaunchDay2018 (18)

Wonder where we will go first?? Looking forward to a spring and summer of trips plus afternoon cocktail cruises!!

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Updates, Upgrades & Outfitting Lab Partners, prior to Launching

LP 2 Projects (23)Rip worked almost daily to upgrade Lab Partners (version 2.0) for our cruising plans. All the work was done while she LP 2 Projects (25)was on her trailer by the shop; quicker to access the right tools and more stable than in the water.


removed green stripes and replaced (left some off) with navy LP 2 Projects (15)LP 2 Projects (16)LP 2 Projects (18)LP 2 Projects (19)

Added Lab Partners logos & hailing port in navy

LP 2 Projects (20)LP 2 Projects (21)

added 12 volt plug

LP 2 Projects (7)

removed the bitt added bow cleats and windlass


Pin came off; where windlass is now

template to cut hole in deck for windlass

LP 2 Projects (56)

(plus new rode and a Rocna anchor)


LP 2 Projects (51)Rip putting holes in the aluminum backing plate he made for the bow cleats

added Vesper AIS with GPS (added AIS antenna removed Garmin unit and GPS)

LP 2 Projects (4)LP 2 Projects (10)

Lots of small spaces to work in

LP 2 Projects (5)LP 2 Projects (6)


Lots & lots of tools needed for all the various projects

LP 2 Projects (8)LP 2 Projects (9)

made filler/mount for navigation tablet running Coastal Explorer

LaunchDay2018 (12)

replaced original roof antenna cable penetration fittings with proper ones (repaired chaffed cable)

we reupholstered the aft seat (green is gone) and DriDek in cockpit

LP 2 Projects (55)LP 2 Projects (60)LP 2 Projects (64)LP 2 Projects (63)


the DriDek helps Cally not slip in the cockpit

new carpet and underlayment (to smooth over floor hatches)

LP 2 Projects (28)LP 2 Projects (48)

added third battery for engine (combine orig 2 for house)


Installed sine wave inverter/charger (and added a separate inverter outlet for micro)


replaced battery switch with a 2 bank on/off (with emergency combine)

added an automatic charging relay

added Victron battery monitor

LP 2 Projects (54)

made covers for 4 new Big B (HTM) fenders plus covers for 2 - 15" ball fenders

LP 2 Projects (30)LP 2 Projects (34)LP 2 Projects (35)LP 2 Projects (36)

LP 2 Projects (39)LP 2 Projects (41)LP 2 Projects (44)LP 2 Projects (45)LP 2 Projects (49)

Grill mount & grill cover

LP 2 Projects (12)

Grill fits in feet secured to starboard platform; this then gets mounted to the gunnel

LP 2 Projects (38)

added rear shore power inlet and a selector switch (the Admiral, Beth, loves this boat has the Smart Plug power cord)


kayak roof rack (more on this later once they are deployed and I take Cally to shore in one!!)

added aft flagstaff to hardtop extension; covers made for flag & burgee

I am sure their will be more … i recently heard the Captain mumble something about solar panels. At least the boat is ready for splashing and our first ride on her!!