Saturday, March 16, 2019

Sanford, FL; Our Last Stop on the St John’s River

Sat, March 16, 2019: Astor, Fl to Sanford, Fl
39.88 miles      6 hours

Mike, Rip & Laurie - saying goodbye is so hard.

See ya again ... sooner than later, we hope
Sad to leave Mike, Laurie, Cinder & Sunny; almost too much fun and definitely lots of good food. Good friends & gracious hosts.

We took a slow cruise to Sanford to enjoy the sights. Lots of natural landscape, a few populated places and lots of wildlife. The sound of birds calling was heard clearly over the still & quiet water.

It is a Saturday; once the sun came out so did a lot of boats. Fishing boats, speed boats and lots of rental pontoon & rental houseboats.

way too many houseboats ... at least they are at the dock today

rental boat people do not usually know how to boat

lots of folks out fishing

We passed an interesting boat…

The original plan was to go to Hontoon State Park. Weather for tomorrow was not great so we passed up on Hontoon and headed straight to Sanford, Fl. our last and most southern stop on the St John’s.

See the Rossi at the dock??

Do you see the Rossi we passed?? Sabatical was her name.

Once to Sanford, we hailed the marina of choice for the night… Monroe Harbour Marina. After confusing info on how to get to our slip from someone who doesn’t go out on the water … we arrived and were happy to be next door to friends, Cristina & Tom on Tadhana. We knew they wouldn’t be back to the boat until tomorrow am. So, a quiet night was in order.

Cally and Aurora (of Tadhana) had several long walks to parks and through the city. The marina is on;y 2 1/2 blocks from the down town with stuff, ice cream and restaurants.

We stayed until Tues morning. Sunday night was a fun night out to a very popular German Restaurant (Hollerbach's Willow Tree Cafe) with Cristina & Tom. Great food and too much fun to think about taking a picture. Actually, it was a bit loud with the German Oompah Band to think about taking a pic. Oh, well… we enjoyed it!

Monday was chores with grocery run (quick & easy with the help of a car Tom & Cristina have at the marina!! Thanks again guys.) Monday night will be quiet, dining on board, a little TV and early to bed. Tomorrow we start north and homeward bound!

Check out our neighbors!!

See the kids up top??

We didn’t have much of a view at this marina as we were surrounded by 2 75’ boats. But, we could get a glimpse of the Paddle Boat Tour Boat coming and going. Interesting, per Tom, she is a REAL Paddle Boat with twin engines and two Paddle Wheels that move her right, left, forward, backward. Most tour boats have a faux Paddle Wheel for looks but use engines and propellers like any large vessel.

There were also several “Tiny Houses” that float docked in a slip for full time residents.