Friday, December 23, 2016

"We're selling the boat" ... September, 2013

Lab Partners at her home port,
Where she will wait for 9 months
until Cally can go aboard
Back in Annapolis and less than two weeks after bringing the new to us boat from SC to the dock at our house in NC ...

Casts for 3-4 weeks.
Cally, at 18 months old, is diagnosed with OCD. Rip asks Mr Goggle what it is (and it sounds awful, potentially very debilitating) ...
and declares, "We are selling the boat. If she can't go on the boat; we are not doing The Loop without her."

Our regular Vet, Doc Bassford at Four Legs Animal Hospital in Davidsonville, MD; explains Cally has a genetic disorder, Osteochondrosis, osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) and sends us VOSM, cutting edge Orthopedic & Sports Medicine Veterinarians in Annapolis Junction. 

We had been there previously with her when Cally tore BOTH of her groin muscles at 7 months old (probably related and we didn't know it then). Veterinarian Orthopedic and Sports Medicine (VOSM) explains it like this on their website, 

"Osteochondritis is a disorder in growing bone where cartilage between bony areas becomes thickened and fails to grow into bone. Causes of Osteochondritis include genetic factors, trauma, and nutrition. Signs of this abnormal bone growth usually appear as lameness and are more common in fast growing, larger breed puppies."

Can't walk past the front yard and no stairs for weeks
And, of course the worse place to get it is in the hind hocks or ankles. Less than 5% of OCD cases are in the hock. Not great news. Surgery scheduled. Surgery Vets promise she will be able to go on the boat again and make the trip ... they swear no need to sell the boat.
Ice packs 3 to 4 times a day for months

She is a trooper!
Lots of recovery time, lots of rehab including ultrasound therapy, ice packs and water treadmill and lots of love! Cally bounces back and after 6-9 months is just a lab, again. One that will be on pain meds the rest of her life and one that will experience bouts of pain and swelling in the ankles when she over does it. She is off all restrictions, including swimming, and ready to just be a dog again.

Rehab is Ultra Sound Therapy, high tech shots and more

Water treadmill for strength & exercise,
but no swimming, yet

9 Months of restrictions, healing, rehab and love. But, at this point ... she doesn't know anything other than her sore ankles; she just deals with it like a trooper!!

Cally ok'ed to swim on her own again!!
She is a happy girl in the water

Cally's FIRST boat trip! She's a boat dog, after all!!
Now, time to get back to planning for The Great Loop!!