Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Catching Up with Lab Partners; Boat Guests, Boat Projects & a Hurricane

Dec 11, 2018

It’s been a busy time; the months have flown past. So much, it is almost time to take Lab Partners (2.0) to Florida and finally finish our loop!!

But first – we have had a lot of boaters visit us by water and one by land! Boat Projects & the Hurricane in my next post.

We are not close to a major highway; almost no one comes by car. Being just off the AICW (Atlantic Intra Coastal Waterway) we do get our fair share of boaters to stop by and spend the night (or two) at our pier. We truly love having boat guests – they hang out with us, have a docktail and appetizer and then go back to their boat for the night. No fuss no muss!! Everyone has their own space and privacy. Bonus, no bed linens to wash for afterwards!!


New friends on their FIRST day of The American Great LoopIMG_1360

Old friends and multiple boats were a common thing!


Sometime it was dinner at the house.


Repeat visitors, this time in a trawler not the sailboat from 2 years prior

IMG_1409IMG_1414 (1)Canadians, we first met in Michigan, now towards the end of their Loop. We will go visit them in Canada!!IMG_1488IMG_1494A fellow Monk owner, who just so happened to need a part that Rip was able to fabricate for him while he was here!IMG_1483

Buddy boats traveling together

IMG_1516IMG_1518One boater came by car and stayed at the house while their boat was being worked on. Though we had been following each other (blogs/FB) for our entire loop (both starting from NC) we did not catch up until NY (for a split second) and then finally again in Punta Gorda FL.IMG_1550

We visited Loopers in Oriental NC when their schedule didn’t fit with stopping at our pier. We aren’t always convenient for scheduling but we’re free.

IMG_1563IMG_1575Cally LOVES boat guests, even more than us!!IMG_1673More Canadians!!!

IMG_1734IMG_1741We had the opportunity to meet new owners of a boat we used to own. It was wonderful to see her in such great hands and see how fabulous she looks again. We hope to see them (and her) again when we are in Georgia in March/April.IMG_1788

Some folks we didn’t know until they arrived at the pier. Through the network of AGLCA (America’s Great Loop Association) we are Harbor Hosts and have a private way to list ourselves and the availability of the pier.


Sometimes we had THREE boats at a time. Buddy boats Firestorm (the Paramedics), Gypsie's Palace (Pee Daddy & crew) and One Eye Dog (the rescue boat from the Benjamin Islands) all arrived at the same time. We are forever in debt to them all. 2 of the boats (OED & GP) are actually new boats to the owners we had not seen, yet. They are HUGE!!


Dockmaster Rip getting everyone settled as OED positions for rafting to GP


And, then there were three!! Glad it wasn’t windy!! Four boats at the pier was a hoot!!


Our dining space at the house was not large enough for us all to sit down to dinner – but the new Gypsie’s Palace was big enough!!


Some anchored out … when you write one of the “Go To” books on anchoring, well I guess you love anchoring!!


Buddy boats we first met on the Hudson. We will see them in Florida in February.


This boat was new to the owner; they were on a delivery trip to take her home right after their purchase.


Some folks were heading locally (ish) to check out their new home being built.

Seascape PhilKaren (8)

Did I mention how much Cally LOVES guests??


Firestorm had time for a 2nd visit!!IMG_2208


Tadhana was able to stop by again when heading south for the winter.


That gave Rip time to fabricate another part!!



Gypsie’s Palace

One Eye Dog


Both GP & OED had time to stop by again when southbound, too


One of the highlights was music night … 4 boats, 8 people, 4 guitars, 2 professional singers and 3 dogs. We had a blast!!!


Docktails at the house (is that housetails??) before the music began.


And, then there were golfing buddies from our Annapolis/Mitchellville lives who just retired and returned to boating!!


WOW, so great to catch up again!!

We have had so much fun seeing new & old friends - it’s almost as good as being on The Loop … but not quite. Guess it is time to go back to the Loop!!