Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Tarpon Basin–Our 1st night at anchor in the Rossi

Tues Feb 19 & Wed 20th – Marathon, Fl to Tarpon Basin; Key Largo, Fl
54.3 miles   …   7 hours
TarpinBasin (26)Parting is such sweet sorrow. Time to leave Marathon. Pumped out in out slip in the marina the afternoon before leaving. Definitely need a empty holding tank (for potty duty) as we will be anchoring out on the way to Miami.
TarpinBasin (1)TarpinBasin (28)
Up early to get chores done and boat prepped for moving again. We are heading northeast up the bay side of the Keys to Key Largo.
TarpinBasin (27)
After leaving we stopped at Key Fisheries to top off the gas tank. Then on our way. With the breeze in our face, we had a very comfortable ride. Lots of spray...but, a nice cruise up to Key Largo. We passed crab boats working, TarpinBasin (25)
lots of birds squatting on marks, TarpinBasin (21)little islands and a couple narrow passages between shoaling (water to low over land to navigate).
TarpinBasin (20)
The narrow places were very short, well marked and in plain sight; unlike most of the narrow passages in the Georgian Bay and North Channel, Canada.
Then, a passage through the mangroves and into Tarpon Basin, Key Largo, FL.
TarpinBasin (9)TarpinBasin (14)TarpinBasin (12)
This is a well known, large natural basin that serves as an anchorage for many boats. There is a government building with a small park for all and dinghy docks for boaters.
TarpinBasin (15)TarpinBasin (11)
This is the first time we have anchored out in the Rossi. Dinghying into shore went well. Cally remembered exactly what to do; hopping on and off the new dinghy as needed.
TarpinBasin (10)
Feb 20, 2019  Tarpon Basin, Key Largo, FL
0 miles traveled
Staying put in the anchorage today. After morning coffee and getting the generator set up to recharge the batteries...
TarpinBasin (6)
It was shore time for Cally. All in all, just a quiet day on the hook and rest for the Captain. Well, until a pick up truck in the park parking lot caught on fire. When the tires popped it sounded like a gun shot.
TarpinBasin (2)TarpinBasin (3)
Tomorrow we pull anchor and move to Miami Beach to see Frank & Susan!