Sunday, March 31, 2019

We Crossed Our Wake & Finish America’s Great Loop

Day 72: Sunday, March 31, 2019
Beaufort, SC to Johns Island, Charleston, SC 
62 miles   …   4:20 hours traveled

Shortly after going through this bridge we will cross our wake!!!

Heading out this morning, the last day we will fly the white AGLCA flag, which signifies a Looper in progress. i.e. Not crossed your wake and not finished The Great Loop.
At 8:35 am Lab Partners and crew crossed their wake completing The Great Loop. 
We were just 1.5 miles away from where we started. Marsh Harbor Marnia in Lady's Island, SC is where it all began.
Sight behind us as we left the marina. Cruise ship still in her berth.

We did stop to replace the flag, then continued on our way. I must say, GOLD looks great on the bow.

Rip had the exact spot marked on the chart from when we left Marsh Harbor Marina, oh so long ago. Maybe ddle right of the pic below has the word GOLD in a gold rectangle marking the spot.

We will count up all the stats once home and post. But for now...We are continuing on to Charleston SC to rest up, sight see and prepare to trailer the boat home. 

Some passes today were tight cuts. Recent dredging meant we had plenty of depth. Still of looking at those close banks of mud is unnerving. 

Passed a beautiful Buy Boat.