Tuesday, March 19, 2019

North on the St John’s–Time to Head Towards Home

Day 60
Tuesday March 19, 2019: Sanford FL to Welaka, FL
61 miles. ...   7 hours

Drizzling rain started before. Cally told us she wanted to go ashore for potty time. Considering she hates to walk in the rain, I assumed this meant better now than later. So off to shore we went and prepped for departure once back to the boat.

This little fellow hung out on the pier half the day yesterday. I was happy when he left.

I liked the town of Sanford a lot. I didn't like the marina. The shower facilities were the worst in these past 60 days. Second worst I can remember on the entire Loop. Chicago still ranks as worst.

We did not go far before being stopped for 20+ mins by a closed railroad bridge with only 7' clearance. 

Light rain to sporadic drizzle followed us north. Passed very few boats. This boat was odd.
We did see one crew team out practicing.

As we traveled we watched the changing forecast hourly. We have plan A Plan B and Plan C. 
As we neared Astor (our original plan when we left this am), weather information indicated we could cross Lake George and get to Fruitland before the winds picked up. This would mean passing Mike & Laurie in Astor without stopping. Plus, the winds today looked a lot better than tomorrow morning to cross Lake George also. We moved on to see how the lake was and confirmed we should go for it. 

It was sporty but the boat and Rip handled all very well. Rip says the winds picked up 5 knots as we crossed and probably reached 17 before we crossed the lake. 

Lake George is shallow so winds can create high waves quickly. Glad that is now behind us. We will miss seeing Laurie and Mike at Astor, but relax at Jim & Kim's for the night before pushing on North tomorrow.

Cally loves all the attention she gets; whether with known buddies, like here with Jim, or new folk at a marina.