Friday, May 12, 2017

On the Move Again and Electronics & Toys on Board

Day 22 ... May 10, 2017 - 40.5 miles traveled in 5 hours, 29 mins
Beautiful last night at Hartge's and stunning moon
Time to leave Hartge Yacht Harbor and move north again. Today we moved north of Annapolis, north of Baltimore to an anchorage on Worton Creek. Why? Well, it's free AND there is a nice beach for Cally to run and play.
Bye, Bye Annapolis ... see you again in a year
This means passing Thomas Point Lighthouse, Annapolis and passing under The Chesapeake Bay Bridge.
My favorite lighthouse; love that I caught a working boat in the picture

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge is 4.3 miles long

Cally goes to shore 3 times a day when we are traveling. The last trip to shore in the dinghy is called "last call" to get her conditioned there isn't any more shore duty until morning. Tonight, despite my best efforts she wouldn't go #2 on either the afternoon or last call run. She doesn't like going #2 on sand. She will tinkle on beach, no problem. So, the girl held that until the next morning run. I took the dinghy to a different section where I saw what looked like phragmites hoping that would suit her. Winner, winner. BUT, she is going to have to learn to go on sand sooner or later. there won't always be grass for her.
Hard to see the beach, but there was beach at high tide is a real plus.

Quiet anchorage for the night
We arrived in sunny weather; left in  dreary conditions.  

Day 23 ... May 11, 2017 - 23 miles traveled in 2 hours, 25 mins
We pulled anchor and headed to Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor on the Bohemia River. Despite emailing the general manager two days earlier of our plans to come in (confirmation received) and 2 phone calls this morning as we traveled ... they were completely unprepared for our arrival. Needed to go scout out a slip for us. They had us pull into the fuel dock to wait. Luckily, we did need fuel (165 gallons) and a pump out. So, all was not lost. Still, that's just not good service. It does make it quicker when we leave not to have to stop for either. GREAT dock hand and all else has been friendly and helpful.
Bohemia Bay Yacht Harbor looking out the entrance to Bohemia River

There is even a beach for Cally; she hopes to go swimming this afternoon
not sure the weather is going to allow it. fingers crossed

On our morning walk, we saw lots of boats
We will be here for 3 days waiting out winds and heavy rains that are due thru the area. Hopefully, we can head out on Sunday. Next travel day will be the C&D canal which connects the top end of the Chesapeake Bay and the Delaware River/Delaware Bay. 
Car carrier ship coming out of the C&D Canal

Look how this compares to the far shoreline ... it's big!
If we pass one while in the C&D ... oh, my.

Days 24 ... May 12, 2012 - 0 miles traveled As you might imagine ... we have a lot of electronics on board. Some serious, some as back ups, some as back up to the back ups and some fun ones, too.
The Helm electronics for the Captain
At the helm, Rip has the Raymarine chart plotter plus a Windows 10 tablet, both running navigation programs.  It is nice to have one zoomed out and one zoomed in closer when approaching inlets, marinas, etc.
I have my cell phone (just in case) plus an iPad Pro running a navigation program and watch for AIS targets (other boats, mostly big)  as well as read the Active Captain notes. Active Captain is a crowd source boating platform where boaters can input info on trouble spots, reviews of marinas (good and bad), missing navigation marks, local knowledge, etc.

There are lots of other electronics, too many to remember. I have two iPads, Rip has 2 tablets (can you say BACK UP) and we each have our Laptops on board. We have a hand held wind meter, our In Reach tracker that shows where we have been (link on this blog on the right side and where we are at any point, and so much more.
For FUN ... We also have a Go Pro on board. 
Go Pro to shot shots or video of our travels. We can control it from our phones.
This was a Go Pro shot of Dozier's Regatta Point Marina in VA

We haven't used it much, yet. Not great weather and nothing really fun to shoot. Going thru NY, the Erie Canal, etc. That's when the fun begins with the GoPro. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge photos above are from the Go Pro. It's kind of fun to use.

We shot a video of us going  thru a bridge that had to open for us. It is pretty cool. Once I figure out how to edit it to a small enough size to embed in this ... you will see what we see when we go thru a bridge.