Wednesday, January 31, 2018

The Road Trip Home

Punta Gorda, FL to Campbell Creek, NC

THE TRIP HOME by road …

ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (31)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (2)First we headed south & east to see family we thought we would see by boat. We could not leave FL without seeing them. Rip’s cousin & his family live in Ft Lauderdale and his aunt & uncle live just north of there.

On the way to see the cousin/family, detoured to Boca Raton to celebrate with Gypsie’s Palace & Firestorm. Both boats/crew achieved GOLD Looper status.

ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (6)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (9)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (11)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (15)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (16)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (18)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (19)Steve made wonderful guacamole for docktails and Debbie made a great chili for us all for dinner. Everyone else pitched in with other cocktail foods and, of course, champagne. Little did we know Debbie, oh so clever, came up with the slogan “2 Gold & 1 Sold” … so we all could celebrate!PuntaGordaJan2018 (6)

A behind the scenes pic of the GOLD pic in progress for Firestorm. Laurie & Mike crossed their wake in the middle of a day’s cruise with no one around. SO, today is their formal picture!!

ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (8)

CEB, Ana and their son Chas, graciously put us up for the night. Not everyone is able or willing to have a Labrador spend the night! We appreciate it. First night sleeping in a regular bed, on land, in 10 months!ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (20)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (21)We were up way too late talking and catching up. It was great. After a slow restful morning, we all headed north to CEB’s mom & dad; Aunt Carol & Uncle Buddy.

ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (22)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (23)I I cannot tell you how long it has been since we have seen them and they both look great! Our time, too short, was delightful with Carol & Buddy. Carol is as sweet & beautiful as ever and Buddy is as funny as always.ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (24)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (25)

Off we went, further north, to stage ourselves for the next morning to see a boat. We stopped to look at a boat for sale; it wasn’t the boat for us, but at least we tried and won’t wonder what if. ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (30)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (28)

From there 2 easy days to reach home sweet home. We had not been home in 10 months. ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (32)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (34)All went well starting the house back up (water systems, etc.); thanks to Rip’s prep in leaving. Everyone had a very restful night! It was great to be back in a king size bed, all though on land. With no groceries on hand and the refrigerator turned off … easing back into live on land was simplified with the offer of dinner out the first 2 nights at friends/neighbors homes!! 

ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (37)ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (38)WOW, we have some great friends!! I was too tired to remember to take a pic while on Bond Creek with Carolyn & Phil. It was nice catching up with everyone and hanging out. When we left, we assumed we would come home by boat, therefore we would have groceries on board with the ability to cook, eat, clean, sleep until we had a chance to get the house up and running and a time for run to the grocery store.

The only hiccup we had in restarting life on land was the battery of the Escape was dead. Nothing could come out of the garage/shop until the Escape came out. We couldn’t unload the mini vans until the space was empty of the truck and car. ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (35)After a bit we located a new battery 30 miles away (got to love rural life on the water). Though not easy to install, Rip handled it with ease. After that all went as expected.

The pier sure does look empty, but room for guests – hint, hint…

ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (40)

T The view is still incredible

ReturnTripJanFeb2018 (45)

Now, to all the unpacking … PLUS, we need to secure our “next boat”!! More on that adventure in the next post.