Monday, February 25, 2019

Riviera Beach City Marina, Riviera Beach, FL

Monday, Feb 23rd: Dania Beach, FL to Riviera Beach, FL

51.5 miles   …   7 hours

CorsetIsland (6)After a wonderful stay with Frank & Susan it was time to move north again. This stretch is mostly about getting to Jacksonville, Fl to see my college roommate (and her hubby/college buddy) and start a cruise up the St John’s River. We have been looking forward to this part of the loop since we started …back 4/20/17.

The amount of money we saw in Extreme Mansions and Ultra Mega Yachts was mind numbing. I couldn’t even take pictures…it was just one enormous property or yacht after another. Some homes had sculpture gardens for adults (or show) on one side and play grounds for the kids /grand kids on the other.

Sights along the way …

CorsetIsland (1)

Did you catch the “fine print”

CorsetIsland (1)

RivieraBeach (4)

RivieraBeach (1)The marina texted a site plan (dock layout) with arrow leading from the ICW to our slip. Wish more marinas would do this. Only problem was … the slip didn’t have a long enough finger pier to get Cally off the boat. And, we confirmed that prior to entering the marina harbor because the finger pier was drawn short on the dock plan they sent. Confirmed 32’. Upon entering the basin – it clearly wasn’t 32’. We hailed the marina staff on vhf. they put us on hold. HELLO, we are in our dock fairway in current and cannot hold station easily. What seemed way to long, they directed us further down the fairway to a slip with 32’ finger pier.

 RivieraBeach (2)RivieraBeach (3)

Next challenge was finding the office, the showers/bathrooms and where to walk Miss Cally. It was a LONG walk to anything / everything. But, there was lots of grassy areas for Cally to walk. our walk to showers, etc was another story. Glad we are only staying 1 night.

Not impressed and wouldn’t go back here.

Vic, a Looper we met back in Canada in Little Current, Ontario from M/V Felix (a catamaran) came over to help us tie up. He was helping a friend deliver a sailboat south. Vic invited us to stop by when in St Simons GA and offered to take us for a provisioning run, etc. they are fun and we will look he & Bette up when we get close to them.