Sunday, October 1, 2017

Green Turtle Bay, Grand Rivers, KY

Day 164 … Sun, Oct 1, 2017 … 43.3 miles, 6.5 hours

Paducah, KY to Green Turtle Bay Resort, Grand Rivers, KY

Paducah S30 (28)Lots of partying until about 2am last night ... by others, not us. Still, got a good nights sleep.

7 boats left the dock together this morning. Gypsies Palace, Firestorm, Odyssey, One Eye Dog, Steel Away and us. CWay left shortly after. Only about 10 miles up the Ohio River, then we all turned onto the much narrower, but less commercially used, Cumberland River. We will all need to go thru the Barkley Lock before getting to our destination.

GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (29)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (30)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (32)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (49)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (52)

Everyone is going to Green Turtle Bay Marina (GTB) today, except us. We will anchor out tonight, then head into a slip at GTB on Monday for a week. We have traveled every day for 8 days straight, so time to rest up, recoup, do chores and relax a bit.GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (1)

Just heard Bad Habit & Kia Mae will be at GTB Tues and Wed ... YAY!! We haven't seen them since somewhere on the Erie Canal. I have followed them on FB; it's not the same.

The anchorage was a wonderful, quiet night. There was a nice boat ramp with really nice docks for me to dinghy Cally to do business.

GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (8)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (2)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (6) 

Monday morning was nice and relaxed. After a couple cups of coffee, shore dooty and breakfast – we picked up the anchor and moved to the next cove and into a slip at GTB. Here for a week!!

GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (71)