Saturday, October 28, 2017

Anchored right on the River Tonight; Old Lock #2

Day 191 … Sat, Oct 28, 2017 … 45 miles; 5 hours & 1 Lock

Foscue Creek, Demopolis, AL to Old Lock #2, Black Warrior River, AL

The rain didn’t let up until close to 8:30 am to take Cally to shore. By then we knew, from fellow Loopers, 6 boats locked thru around 7:30-8:00 am. That meant 6 boats ahead of us for the slim pickins’ of places to anchor.

OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (7)

A call to the lock master at 9; we were told it would be at least an hour wait. By 10am, he gave us the green light to come on over. We locked alone. We pulled up the anchor and moved over to the lock (just outside the creek we were on last night); we had the gates open and the green light to enter!!

OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (9)OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (11)OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (12)

Not sure when the other 4 boats we know were moving in our direction are going thru.

OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (2)OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (3)OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (4)OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (6)

This part of the river isn’t exciting, it pretty much looks the same around every bend. We passed 3 tows today; 1 coming towards us and 2 going in our direction that we overtook.

OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (15)

As we rounded the bend to the spot Rip picked for the night … we see 2 sailboats rafted together. There was still room for us!! A third sailboat joined the other 2 for the night.

OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (24)

The anchorage is right on the river, but out of the way of river traffic and right across the river from a boat ramp and park for taking Cally to shore.

OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (21)OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (19)OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (26)

The park is large with lots of nice green grass for Cally to run. And, a trash can for me!OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (22)

There isn’t anything exciting about this spot … it’s just a place to stop for the night. This stretch from Demopolis (last night; Fri) until Mobile Bay (probably Wed night) only has one “marina”, Bobby’s Fish Camp. And the word marina is a stretch. Well, that is where hope to be tomorrow night. We shall see. It isn’t a big place, holding 4-6 boats unless you raft off more); we may have to anchor out anyway, if it is full.  But, we;d like to try the Catfish!

OldLock2 Anch Oct28 (1)

Good night from the Black Warrior Tombigbee River.