Thursday, February 28, 2019

Honest John’s Fish Camp!!

Thurs, Feb 28th: Fort Pierce, FL to Melbourne Beach, FL

37.57 miles   …   5 hours

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Sights along the way today…

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Loved the sculpture of girl swimming with the Dolphin

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HonestJohns (16)Jonathan & Rosa are Gold Loopers getting ready to start their 3rd Loop in April. Jonathan’s family has owned this land since the 1880’s. His great grand father bought the land (homestead purchase) and farmed beans. Jonathan’s grandfather turned the place into Honest John’s Fish Camp. He didn’t like farming! Jonathan and his brother, Robert, run the place.

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Not many Loopers can get to HJFC, but we can in the Rossi. Jonathan had reached out to Rip and invited us to come. He sent screen shots of his route across some skinny water. Rip followed perfectly. No drama, easy peazy!

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I am so glad we stopped and met Jonathan, Rosa, Wuji Cross (Rosa’s bird) and Gator the Pig. This is Olde Florida.

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A special treat Jonathan & Rosa took us on a tour of the 50 acres in the afternoon, even over to the beaches of Atlantic Ocean.

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Then, after dinner they took us to see the magnificent sunset!

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What a fun place, great couple and wonderful experience!! Now, it will be our turn to host them when they come by in early May during their next Loop!!