Friday, August 4, 2017

Mill Lake

Day 105 ... Thurs, Aug 3 - Fri, Aug 4, 2017 ... 26.5 miles; 3:20 hours
Bad River to Mill Lake by Collins Inlet
MillLake 3Aug (38)
Pretty, slightly windy day. Cool again. High of 71 and low of 58 for tonight.
MillLake 3Aug (40)MillLake 3Aug (43)MillLake 3Aug (44)
Our 3+ hour run was uneventful; one of my favorite words when traveling. After exiting Bad River, we were in the Georgian Bay for a while and saw the first glimpse of the mountains we will soon be traveling by.
MillLake 3Aug (49)MillLake 3Aug (50)MillLake 3Aug (53)MillLake 3Aug (55)
Very pretty and exciting to see something different. The scenery has been beautiful; Rip called it awe inspiring today. But, it has been similar beauty ... rock islands, rocks, rock cliffs and lush greenery atop.
MillLake 3Aug (59)MillLake 3Aug (62)MillLake 3Aug (67)MillLake 3Aug (68)
Then turned back inside. Again, beautiful views. One tight set of marks where the dinghy, being towed, touched one of the buoys coming passed.
MillLake 3Aug (61)
A couple waterfalls and then our open and empty anchorage by Green Island.
MillLake 3Aug (64)MillLake 3Aug (65)MillLake 3Aug (70)
As we came in, Gypsies Palace hailed us on the VHF, having seen us on AIS. They are a power cat and too wide to do the Trent Severn, so they parted ways with most Loopers at the Oswego Canal and finished the Erie Canal and had to run up Lake Erie to join the Georgian Bay and see Loopers again; while we did the Oswego and Trent Severn. They haven't seen any Loopers in a long time; I think they are having Looper withdrawal. They are already at Sportsmans; we should catch up with them Saturday night!!
We will be here for two nights, Thursday and Friday, because high winds and rain are coming. Saturday we will go to Sportsman's Resort for a night. This time I won't be doing laundry and groceries, so maybe a little more relaxing and a lot more time with Cally to run about.
MillLake 3Aug (71)MillLake 3Aug (72)MillLake 3Aug (73)