Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Bad River & Running the Rapids

Day 103 & 104 ... Tues/Wed, Aug 1 & 2, 2017 ... 7.25 miles; 1:15 hours
Pearl Island, The Bustards to Bad

River anchorage.
BadRiver1Aug (14)BadRiver1Aug (48)BadRiver1Aug (49)
A late start as we only have 7+ miles to go today. Passed a set of 3 pretty lighthouses. Another nice day for travel and we settled into the anchorage quickly.
BadRiver1Aug (37)

Time for Shore Dooty and lunch. Rip went for a quick dinghy ride to explore where was best to take Cally.

BadRiver1Aug (4)BadRiver1Aug (5)BadRiver1Aug (6)BadRiver1Aug (7)BadRiver1Aug (9)BadRiver1Aug (31)BadRiverRun2Aug (17)BadRiverRun2Aug (19)
On Wed, Mike from Firestorm brought over a 5 gallon tank of gasoline for Rip to top off our dinghy engine fuel tank and the one gallon spare tank ... we forgot to top off the tank and fill the spare at the last marina.
BadRiver1Aug (2)BadRiver1Aug (12)BadRiver1Aug (13)BadRiver1Aug (20)BadRiver1Aug (17)
We took a little dinghy tour of the anchorage and to check out the rapids, called Devils Door. BadRiverRun2Aug (13)BadRiver1Aug (18)Rips looks that way, but sees an over turned canoe. Off we go to check if they are ok. The two young men are fine, but have stuff floating about. Rip pushes the upside down canoe with the dinghy bow to shore so they can get their gear and water out and then right it.BadRiver1Aug (19) We, Firestorm and us, find a hat, a shoe, a bottle of water, etc. and return it to the guys. They are wet but certainly ok. They didn't judge the current right at the rapids and flipped. They are going to walk the canoe over the rocks and then camp out somewhere passed there. Glad we found the other shoe.

BadRiverRun2Aug (8)
Today Wayne, on "5 O'clock Somewhere" (one of the locals from Wright's Marina), anchored and while Rip was visiting them by dinghy, offered to take he and Mike on a dinghy tour of the rapids.
BadRiverRun2Aug (4)
Rip quickly replied yes and went to tell Mike, he asked me to go but I declined.
BadRiverRun2Aug (9)BadRiverRun2Aug (10)
Laurie did go along with Mike.
BadRiverRun2Aug (12)BadRiverRun2Aug (14)
So off they went in the 3 dinghies - up Little Jamison Rapids then up the Lover's Lane Rapids and back down, last but not least they took the shortcut home through Devil Door and back to our anchorage.  All were grinning ear to ear (see pics).
BadRiverRun2Aug (15) 
More blueberry picking after dinghy tour and Shore Dooty. Dinner out at Firestorm tonight!!
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