Monday, July 31, 2017

Pearl Island, The Bustards

Day 102 ... Monday, July 31, 2017 ... 23.8 miles; 2:50 hours 
Wrights Marina, Britt to Pearl Island, Bustard Islands
PearlIsland31July (15)PearlIsland31July (16)
PearlIsland31July (8)PearlIsland31July (17)PearlIsland31July (19)PearlIsland31July (20)
We left  Wrights Marina after a pump out, trash run and purchasing a clip on Dragonfly. Locals swear they keep the biting flies away. If it works, we will get more on our next Amazon order.
Dinner last night was grilling steaks out on the deck by the dock with Firestorm; followed by Captains meeting with locals for the inside scoop on the areas we will go in the upcoming days. 20170730_195610
John told us about the start of Stanley Aluminum Boats. #1 hull is here and owned by the marina owner, daughter of the founder of Wrights Marina. Her dad had it built. Then, he told us about an 80 year old lady who has a Stanley boat and owns a place in the Bustard Islands, our next stop. He met her on a train in South Africa, of all places.
An easy run this morning and into the first anchorage of choice with room for both boats, Firestorm and Lab Partners.  There were a few narrow passages. Rogers Gut being the tightest. We made our securite call announcing our intent to enter the tight Channel. A smaller boat, coming the other way, backed down and waited for our two boats to pass through before he moved on his way.
PearlIsland31July (9)Pearl Island July 31PearlIsland31July (27)PearlIsland31July (29)
Cally had a bit more space to wander than the last two rock islands for potty time. She got to swim, too. That's 3 days in a row (twice at Wright Marina and once here) ... new record for the Loop. She is one tired, happy camper.
Laurie, Mike and I went Blueberry picking! The blueberries are quite small, but flavorful. All the Loopers ahead of us are talking about how good and plentiful the blueberries are along the route. The locals have told us it is a banner year for blueberries with all the rain they have had ... and that keeps the bears full and away from people!
PearlIsland31July (38)PearlIsland31July (37)
Rip talked with a guy from a group of 4 kayakers that paddled past. Turns out he keeps his boat in Kingston, ON; but cannot yet splash his boat to use it. All boats go up on land for the cold winter, but the land between where his boat, a 45' Sea Ray, is and the well to put it in the water ... is still flooded. It is the last day of July and he cannot use his boat, yet. SO? He and his wife are on a two week sailboat cruise with his brother and sister in law.
PearlIsland31July (39)PearlIsland31July (40)
Next up we see a lady in a Stanley boat cruising around. We cannot get her attention until her morning cruise. Sure enough, she is the 80 year old John told us about. She is at her cottage for two weeks. What a lovely lady. And after we pulled anchor, we see her go over to one of the rock walls a boat had been stern to tied. She said she wanted to check what trash she thought she saw them leave behind. Yes, she climbed off her boat and up the rocks to check out where they had been and what they left. She had taken their boat number ... in case she needed to report something. I hope I am that "with it" and that agile at her age!
PearlIsland31July (32)PearlIsland31July (36)

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Snug Harbor, Stairs Island, Wrights Marina in Britt

Day 99 ... Friday, July 28, 2017 ... 16.5 miles; 2:15 hours
Snug Harbor to Stairs Island Anchorage
Birthday dinner out last night at Gilley's Snug Harbor Restaurant
Time to celebrate

Getting drinks while we wait for a table

Drinks on the porch before dinner

Gilley's ... not big, but really good!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
We left Snug Harbor and headed just 16+ miles to an anchorage off Stairs Island. Only problem was, the multiple access points to get dogs to shore in the review we read ... aren't here. We think they are 39" below water. Pretty anchorage, quiet but it took both of us to take Cally to shore; as I was with Cally and Rip kept the dinghy near by the rock formation we had to land on. Cally did great doing her business on moss area of the flattest rock area we could find. Not much space to roam, but enough to do business.


channel marker on shore

Close up of our track

Zoom out of our track

Wide view of where we are within the whole of Georgian Bay
Now you can see we are not in the open Georgian Bay area,
but in the islands and rocks along the shore
Day 100 & 101 ... Saturday/Sunday, July 29 & 30 ... 28.9 miles; 3.5 hours
Stairs Island to Wrights Marina, Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay
A beautiful day to travel today. Bright sunshine, coll/comfortable temps and mild winds. Today we traveled more beautiful shoreline and then out into the open Georgian Bay for 12 miles or so, then into Byng Inlet and Wrights Marina. Great travel day.
Pointe au Baril Lighthouse

Pointe au Baril Lighthouse

beautiful scenery

we aren't in the Chesapeake Bay any more ... 

the open Georgian Bay

Lighthouse at Byng Inlet
We arrived around noon with time to start shore chores. We will stay here Saturday & Sunday so we have time for a grocery run, laundry, ice cream, docktails and more!!
The Ship's Store at Wrights Marina

Beautiful flower garden by the marina
grills, picnic tables and umbrellas for slip holders to use along the garden

Wrights Marina
Most importantly ... Cally can go swimming both days!!
heading to retrieve her float

nearing the prize

got it and circling back to mom


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Snug Harbor Dinghy Tour

Day 98 ... Thursday, July 27, 2017 ... Snug Harbor, Parry Sound
Went on a dinghy tour of the anchorage area with Firestorm and the pups. It is a beautiful sunny day ... just  a bunch of random pics.
My Captain

a cut off the anchorage to a house and small bay

smelling the fresh air

Lab Partners with her rocky back drop

cottage on the rock top

pretty rock edge

another cut off the anchorage

running buddies from Firestorm

water is so clear and the rocks are so close

rocks everywhere

one side is smooth rock, while the other is jagged edges

T/T Firestorm passing the entrance to Snug Harbor

town dock at Snug Harbor

entrance into Snug Harbor

Gilley's Restaurant ... dinner tonight!!

Gilley's has a little convenience store
Cally is waiting for Rip to come out

leaving Gilley's & the store

another cut off the anchorage

as we were finishing our dinghy tour ... Imagine, Too shows
Have not seen them since Half Moon Bay on the Hudson

Because of her ankles issues ... Cally sits so funny
Here, with her arthritis she sits with back legs are more straight than most dogs

the scenery is stunning in this anchorage
what a great day for a birthday