Monday, March 11, 2019

Green Cove Springs, St John’s River, FL

Mon, Mar 11, 2019: The Marina at Ortega Landing, Jacksonville, FL to Green Cove Springs, St John’s River, FL

23.9 miles   …   4 hours

GreenCoveSprings (1)After 4 great days at a very nice marina, we left this morning to cruise UP the St John’s River … which is traveling SOUTH. Yes, the St John’s River flows NORTH.

GreenCoveSprings (18)GreenCoveSprings (17)GreenCoveSprings (16)

We have been looking forward to this portion of the Loop for a long time.

A beautiful day to cruise and a short day of just under 24 miles. We didn’t even have lunch until we docked. Then Rip was off for a hair cut and to stop by City Hall and pay for our night’s dockage.

GreenCoveSprings (13)GreenCoveSprings (14)

We have the dock to ourselves, have electric and are by a park for Cally. Life is good.

GreenCoveSprings (15)

The park is quite large, but the highlight is the Spring, which feeds under the city pool to a water fall and then runs to the river.

GreenCoveSprings (3)

Hard to see in the pic, but it is a deep hole with beautiful rocks inside.

GreenCoveSprings (4)

You cannot get to close to the spring itself

GreenCoveSprings (6)GreenCoveSprings (8)

GreenCoveSprings (2)GreenCoveSprings (7)GreenCoveSprings (9)

We are here only one night, then off to Welaka, FL.