Sunday, March 24, 2019

Leaving Jax for Amelia Island, FL...Our Last Stop in Florida

Day 65: Sunday, March 24, 2019
Jacksonville FL to Amelia Island FL
42 miles   …   6 hours traveled

Leaving our slip at Ortega Landing Marina

It was a beautiful day for traveling. But, a sad day, too. It was fun seeing all our Looper buddies along the St Johns River and seeing Sherry so often. - making leaving Florida hard. Then again, I am starting to look forward to finishing the Loop and being home, again.
Passed Jacksonville Panthers stadium and marina, Lots of traffic - Dredges, Commercial boats and little fishing boats along the way

Turn into Sisters Creek. Beautiful 

Lots of fishing boats out on a pretty Sunday.

Getting into Amelia Island Marina was less than ideal. The marina personel, based in the office, couldn't tell us how to get to our slip. i.e. Which dock, since E dock is not marked like A, B & C? Which side of the dock? Which slip since E8 isn't numbered. The dock hands were busy helping another Looper into their slip. They were having engine issues. Later found out the boat was told incorrectly where and how to dock. Thus extending the time needed. Gees. A few days later heard more similar stories from two others. It would be so simple for the marina to be top notch, but lack of communication is killing them. Many won't go back. 
This was Dona Pacem giving us a slow pass earlier today

Entrance to the marina is right after the bridge on the Starboard side.

Our view today

Our neighbors today

Facilities are nice enough and there is just enough grass for Cally to do her business and stretch her legs, but this isn't a place to stay for more than one night. They do have a courtesy car so ice cream was found!

The Loopers, Jim & Jackie Picone, on the boat, Dona Pacem, with the engine issue popped over to say hi. We have since connected on FB and enjoy seeing thier progress along the waterway. 
A very pretty night