Sunday, October 8, 2017

Our Week at Green Turtle Bay

Days 165 - 171 … Oct 2 – Oct 8, 2017 … 0 miles

Green Turtle Bay Resort, Grand Rivers KY

GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (12)

We moved over to the marina early on Tuesday. So, we had basically a full day at the marina ) verses running for 4-6 hours and then getting into a marina late afternoon) – making lots of time to so see other Loopers, get settled in and relaxing.

GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (22)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (11)I spotted a father/son team cleaning a couple other Looper boats. GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (24)After inquiring about services and pricing; the Captain decided the boat deserved a spa day and he deserved a break giving his back more time to recuperate.

Really, Rip just has too much on his plate this week with finalizing taxes and just doesn’t need to squeeze any more into this week. We do need some rest time as the next 750+/- miles to Mobile involve moving and anchoring more. There will be less marinas from here to Mobile, AL; enough for provisioning, laundry, etc. Just really spaced out.GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (17)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (18)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (20)

Dinner out with 6 other Looper boats was a blast. GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (1)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (21)GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (92)

The restaurant, Patti’s, had a courtesy van pick all 14 of us up and drop us back at the marina.GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (19)

Tuesday, we organized Docktails by our boat. 17+ Looper boats attended. Normally, it is hard for us to host docktails as our boat is one of the smallest and really doesn’t have space for a “party”. However, this is a long term slip holders space … the slip is covered, the dock is really wide and there is a patio table and chairs set for us to use!! WOW … lots of fun.GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (1)Lab Partners Docktails 2Lab Partners Docktails

Wednesday was boat spa day, courtesy of Patrick & his dad; Rip on taxes and me catching the blog up. Cally might get a swim, too.

GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (91)

Rip finalized taxes                                     

GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (26)on Wednesday … and Cally helped.

Thurs, we rented a GreenTutrtle Oct1Oct8 (28)golf cart to get to the town post office (taxes, ugh) and lunch out with Firestorm.

Friday was BLOG day for me, hair cut & route planning for Rip. Then, POOL TIME!!