Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving Week in Carrabelle, FL

Days 212-218 … 00 miles traveled

C-Quarters at Carrabelle, Florida

Carrabelle 18Nov24 (4)We have never stayed anywhere along the loop this long. We want a 3+ day weather window of acceptable conditions (wind, wave, rain, etc.) to cut across the Gulf of Mexico from panhandle of Florida to the West Coast in 3 hops. There hasn’t been a good window of weather until … perhaps tomorrow!! So, we are in Carrabelle for the 9th day in a row.

We especially like the “handicap” slip we have with the full length finger pier … this allows us to get Cally on and off the boat much easier with either one of her boarding ramps.Carrabelle 18Nov24 (7)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (8)

C-Quarters marina is a popular staging spot for Loopers who want to cross the Gulf. It is a small town … one that boasts the Smallest Police Station in the World! Carrabelle 18Nov24 (3)Plus a couple restaurants, the grocery & hardware stores are a block away. Ultra convenient when you are walking or biking to everything.

If you have to hang out for a while, this is much better than our next 2 or 3 stops will be … so here we sat. There is a great group of locals who hang out at the marina under their huge covered deck. We sort of feel like part of the gang now. PLUS, Tow Boat US franchise here … we have been amused with the VHF talk. They must have one really high antenna because we can hear lots of talk between boaters and Tow Boat as well as the Coast Guard.

One of the advantages of hanging out so long, is cooking something different that is not easy to do when anchoring out.Carrabelle 18Nov24 (10)

This time it was RIBS!! Another advantage is long walks thru & around town with Cally.

just a few of the sights …

Carrabelle 18Nov24 (2)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (9)The local duck is fed feed corn AND cat food … his name is HUB and he is very sweet. This is him on our pier … Cally has been quite interested in him.Carrabelle 18Nov24 (18)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (19)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (24)I love this local pavilion with fishing piers for the locals.Carrabelle 18Nov24 (17)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (21)There is a 5 sink fishing cleaning station, too. By the fish scales around, it is VERY popular!Carrabelle 18Nov24 (20)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (23)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (26)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (38)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (39)

Then, there was THANKSGIVING, Looper Style!!

Carrabelle 18Nov24 (27)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (33)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (28)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (31)Carrabelle 18Nov24 (32)

The marina kicked in 2 fried turkeys, paper goods, etc. The locals (boaters & regular landlubbers locals) & Loopers all pitched in, pot luck style with the sides & desserts! Carrabelle 18Nov24 (40)

This was seriously a lot of fun and a great day. Cally got lots of attention, went on another long, long walk! The adults hung, talked, played games and … 6 of us Loopers chatted until around 8pm. Carrabelle 18Nov24 (41)

Friday is the day to prep and rest for the next few longs days of travel. Rip checked things/systems in the engine room a couple days ago.Carrabelle 18Nov24 (15)

Several additional boats have hopped into the marina today and several from the next marina over have come up to chat and organize. Looks like on group will head out at first light or about 6:30am, then Kia Mae and us will try to head out by 7am for an 80 mile run.

Time to call it a night and get to bed early; it’ll be dark at 6am when we get up.

Friday, November 17, 2017


Day 210 … Thurs, Nov 16, 2017 … 29.3 miles; 3:30 hours

Apalachicola, FL to Carrabelle, FL

Carrabelle 16NovOn (1)Today was 30 miles across open water, but in a narrowly marked channel. Chart left shows marked channel within Apalachicola Bay. St George Sound was the same way. We never lost sight of land, but were confined to a channel within what looked like open water. Much of which was too shallow for us. We are the dark circle on the chart.Carrabelle 16NovOn (5)

Carrabelle 16NovOn (2)Carrabelle 16NovOn (3)Carrabelle 16NovOn (4)Carrabelle 16NovOn (6)Carrabelle 16NovOn (7)

We hit the jackpot as far as location goes at C-Quarters marina in Carrabelle … right in front of the marina office, showers & laundry!!  The long finger pier alongside is a necessity for getting Cally on/off the boat with her ramp(s).

The rocking chairs are popular for morning coffee and afternoon beers.

Carrabelle 16NovOn (8)Carrabelle 16NovOn (9)Carrabelle 16NovOn (10)

PLUS … we are on their web cam. Check it out … we’ll be here thru Thanksgiving it looks like. Click on the link, then click on Web Cam on right side of page.

Web Cam at C-Quarters Marina

Can you see us???

9 Other Looper boats were here when we arrived. Also, we saw 2 friends, Lil Lake Hideaway & Lake Effect head out past us as we settled into our slip. at least I got to wave, maybe we will see them after we cross to the west coast of Florida.

Carrabelle 16NovOn (23)

There was a Captains Meeting for the boats leaving tomorrow afternoon to cross the Gulf of Mexico to either Tarpon Springs or Clearwater. We went to the meeting, but are not leaving with this crowd tomorrow.

Carrabelle 16NovOn (20)Carrabelle 16NovOn (21)Carrabelle 16NovOn (22)Carrabelle 16NovOn (24)Carrabelle 16NovOn (25)Carrabelle 16NovOn (26)Carrabelle 16NovOn (27)

Carrabelle 16NovOn (46)With Cally on board, She Who will NOT Potty Onboard, we will take 3 to 5 hops (stops) around the Big Bend of the panhandle over to the west coast. 27+ hour cruise with a dog who doesn’t potty on the boat isn’t for us. It will take us longer to get to Tarpon Springs, but we will get there and we will make the most of our route on the way.Carrabelle 16NovOn (29)

A beautiful sunset for our first night in Carrabelle

Carrabelle 16NovOn (31)

The local gang gathers on the huge covered porch for coffee each morning … apparently.

Carrabelle 16NovOn (1)

Really nice marina staff, locals and live-aboards hanging out. Should make for a fun time.

AND … looks like we will be here for a while. We need a 3 day window of decent conditions (wind & waves) for us to start our crossing to the west coast. We could have left today with the crowd and gone one of 2 shorter stops Rip has picked out … but then we would be stuck there for days on end. MUCH nicer here, so here we will stay.

Looks like Thanksgiving in Carrabelle. HOWEVER, if conditions change, we can leave!!Carrabelle 16NovOn (13)

I finally got a (second) chance to take pictures of the whittling Lesli from Soulstice does … take a look. We meet up with them back at Sumpter Rec Area Anchorage. Nice to see them again and catch up with all Leslie’s crafty projects. Leslie whittles when they cruise, as she gets bored …

Carrabelle 16NovOn (14)Carrabelle 16NovOn (16)Carrabelle 16NovOn (17)Carrabelle 16NovOn (18)Carrabelle 16NovOn (19)

Lesli is now teaching herself to paint in the style of “Pointillism”. It’s painting with dots of color. I think she is quite talented.

Carrabelle 16NovOn (11)