Friday, June 16, 2017

Day 53 ... Monday, June 12, 2017 ... 22.8 miles traveled in 3.5 hours
RCYC to Waterford Visitors Center, Waterford, NY
Leaving RCYC, the home of the Steak & Lobster Bake, was sort of sad ... like leaving old friends behind. However, new adventures wait for us ahead.
more of the scenic Hudson River
approaching Albany, NY (a member of RCYC is captain of the boat on the right)
Albany, NY

Odd saucer building
Interesting billboard ... it is a UHaul truck above a UHaul storage building

Closer view of the UHaul up in the air ... it's a full size truck!

Older yacht and gunship by the interstate - interesting
neat building

A much prettier day today. With the sunshine came HOT temps. On the run from RCYC to Waterford, NY was just as scenic as the rest of the Hudson. Right before we leave the Hudson to get to the Erie Canal we have one lock to go through. This is the Federal Lock in Troy, NY. It is the only lock on the Hudson operated by the Army Corps of Engineers.
approaching the Federal Lock at Troy. Dam to the left
following 3 buddy boats; Firestorm, Kia Mae & Bad Habit

Inside the lock as we prepare to exit looking back at the dam
Buddy boat, Bad Habit, took our picture as we left the lock

Bad Habit leaving the lock in front of us

Lock gates closing so they can lower the water level & bring up another boat/boats
At the point you leave the Hudson, there is a sign telling you which way to go ... Erie Canal, go Port (left) ... Champlain Canal, stay straight. As soon as you make the turn, the Waterford Visitors Center is not on the Erie Canal, the canal starts after the visitor center with the “Flight of Five” … 5 locks within less than 2 miles raising us up approximately 170’. We’ll do that on Wednesday. Today we’ll settle in, explore town, etc. There are 4 of us that traveled together today, Firestorm, Bad Habit & Kia Mae; we all found space at the floating docks. We were last, as the slow boat of the group. Our buddy boats saved us the end spot so Cally’s ramp was out of everyone’s way on the dock. Each time a boat comes in, other boater go out to help catch lines and secure boats. This is a municipal dock, so no dock hands running about to help. Boaters are seriously a great group of people.
Highway sign giving directions to boaters

the close up view
Waterford Visitor Center looking towards the Hudson

Waterford docks looking toward the 1st lock of the Erie Canal

 Day 54 … Tuesday, June 13, 2017 … 00 miles traveled
Waterford Visitor Center, Waterford, NY
Today was time to relax and take in some of the sights of Waterford.
Our view while in Waterford

Visitor Center with statue of a mule
the original canal used mules walking along the edge to pull narrow barges

View from the top of the lock back to the dock at Waterford
pretty garden of house by the old lock and park

what a fun location by remains of the original canal

quite scenic

The first lock for tomorrow, E2 is staring at us. A walk up to check it out was in order.

Here we go ...
HUGE doors to hold the water back

view of the lock filled with water, but no boats this time
it's just waiting for one to approach from one side or the other

a look inside the filled lock up close
 Some of the original Erie Canal is to the side. It is amazing to see how small it was back in its day. Then, mules walked along the side and pulled narrow barges up or down the canal. Hence, the mule statue at the Waterford Visitor Center.
the original section of the canal is right
the current canal is behind the massive concrete wall to the left

the falls of the original canal section

look how narrow the original canal was
 By afternoon, 10 Looper boats were at the docks in Waterford. Some we had meet before, some were new.

view down the dock to the visitor center
 10 of us head out to dinner to celebrate Mike’s birthday (Firestorm). Great dinner out and a nice way to work out a plan for leaving tomorrow. Heavens to Betsy, Firestorm, Bad Habit, Lab Partners and Kia Mae in attendance.
Dinner out at McGrievey's in Waterfrod, NY