Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Big Chute to The Georgian Bay

Day 91-93 ... Thurs-Sat ... July 20-22, 2017 ... 22 miles & 2 locks in 4 Hours
Big Chute to Bay Moorings Marina, Penetanguishene Bay
Photo credit to Laurie Dickens/Firestorm ... the falls beside Big Chute

Lock 44 - The Big Chute ... lifts us up & over a road
Our Planning worked well … we arrived at The Big Chute Lock Lift early afternoon, yesterday. We, Firestorm & us, went to one of the 2 docks allowing overnight stays. This gave us a great view of boats entering and traveling unique lift. After the lock closed, we moved to the Blue Line wall to claim our spot as first to go in The Big Chute this morning.
waiting at the overnight dock for the lift lock to close so we can move to the blue line
On the blue line wall; ready to go first thing in the am

Once settled on the blue line wall ... time to grill dinner!!

The original, MUCH smaller railway tram for boats, on display

No one else came in during the night or before we were called to the lift over loud speaker. Lab Partners went in first and were held in place by two slings. We entered the lift, as directed by loud speaker, to the starboard (right) and front. Once there, lock attendants gave Rip directions for moving forward, easing back, etc until they had us where they wanted us … all along they were moving us, via the sling adjustments, to the center of the lift. Pretty cool. We overhang the front of the lift. Firestorm came in behind us. They will hang off the end so their shafts and unprotected props are not sitting on the lift.

Lab Partners, ready to go!

Cannot say enough great things about ALL the Parks Canada lock staff!!

Waiting for Firestorm to be called off the blue line and pull in behind us
Lock attendant checking the sling position on Firestorm
as well as the running gear NOT touching the lift
Once, in place the lift goes up, over a road and down the hill. Once the lift is in the water far enough for us to float they drop the slings and tell to start the engine and head on our way.  Pretty quick, slick process.
going over the road

across the hill

and down the hill ... 

Here is a video, sped up 8X of us going across ….

Next up was a rail road bridge that is usually open … unless a train is coming. Yep, we get there and there is a boat in front of us waiting and one on the other side. 3 or 4 other boats come up behind us, but they fit under the bridge and go on about their business. Once the train crosses and the bridge opens we are on our way to the last lock.
little boats go underneath; the rest of us wait and wait and wait

finally, the train pulls through

and the bridge swings open
houses built right on a rock/granite hill island

that is an example of some of the swift current Rip faces
that is a standing wave ... not a boat's wake
Lock #45 of the TSW is only 14’ drop. HOWEVER, it starts to rain and it is a shorter and narrower lock than usual. We go in alone for the ride down first. We know there is strong current exiting the lock; Rip does his usual great job keeping the boat in the channel and away from any danger. THEN, we face an incredibly tight set of buoys, in fast current and under a bridge to open water. Rip handles it great, but I didn’t want to move to take a pic and distract him … so no pics. Sorry. We wait out past the bridge in open water for Firestorm to lock thru. They are 2’+ wider than us … but, again the Captain did a great job and thru the narrow passage they came!
We are now off in the Georgian Bay!! No more lock until Chicago, about 2 months from now.
another rock island home
Lab Partners ... done with the TSW locks and entering the Georgian Bay
we can pull up the fenders now!!

the Georgian Bay
We head to Penetanguishene Bay and Bay Moorings Marina for 3 nights to plan and ready ourselves for the Georgian Bay. That means laundry & groceries … but also POOL TIME for the adults, SWIM time for Cally and route planning for the skippers.
Bay Moorings Marina for 2 days to plan & prep for the Georgian Bay

Lots of sailboats here!!

On the way back from grocery shopping ... see the water down in front
Pool Time!!

and adult refreshments, too!
Sunset at Bay Moorings Marina
While traveling the Georgian Bay we should be moving most every day, unless weather decides we should stay put. While moving every day, we might not have access to internet. If we do, I will only do short posts until we have WiFi again.

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