Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Echo Bay to Snug Harbor

Day 97 ... Wednesday, July 26, 2017 ... 30.1 miles; 4:05 hours
Echo Bay, Georgian Bay to Snug Harbor, Parry Sound
Rain in the forecast again ... as we head off to see Parry Sound

we did see another boat ... actually lots of boats today
surprising given the forecast

another narrow passage; Five mile Narrows
Today's forecast was for rain by 1pm and the potential for thunder storms from 2pm on. Our run was to and through Parry Sound, known for it's beauty. It was beautiful, but I bet it is breathtaking on a bright, sunny day.
Barge coming thru Seven Mile Narrows
Not much room at the marks for him to swing
so we waitied before entering the narrow passage

 We past a narrow channel where a barge made a securite' call to warn others. We, Firestorm & Lab Partners answered and advised we would wait from the barge before entering.
two islands connected by an expensive looking bridge
there is a house on each island ... guessing family or really close friends

heading from open water to another cut between islands/land
 Next up was a swing bridge that only opens on the hour ... we only had to wait 10 mins for an opening. Timing was lucky & great! 

We did get settled into Snug Harbor for the night about 2 hours before the rain started in earnest. Once anchored, I quickly took Cally to the town dock, before the rain, for business ... knowing if it rains until bed time; I am not likely to get her in the dinghy and to shore again. She'll just hold it until it is not raining. She does that at home, too.
the town of Parry Sound

Cruise Ship at Parry Sound ... that's one way to see the sights!
Parry Sound

We'll stay in, eat left overs and read/nap/relax while it rains. Tomorrow, we will dinghy about the area and have dinner at Gilley's. It is over by the town dock and very popular. Fingers crossed. 
Light House entrance to Snug Harbor

Light House ... on what else? Rock!

Island/house in front of us tonight

Island/house behind us tonight

Firestorm anchored off to our starboard by the rock shoreline

the port shoreline

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