Tuesday, November 14, 2017

White City, FL

Day 208 … Tues, Nov 14, 2017 … 39.3 miles; 4:40 hours

Panama City, Fl to White City, Fl

Last night we went out to dinner in Panama City with Bob & Barb on Chemistry

andWhiteCity N14 (10) Scott & Linda from Ramble On. Had such a good time, I forgot to take pics. Here is one of Tilley (Chemistry & great buddy for Cally) last night.

Just moving further east along the GICW WhiteCity N14 (3)

across a good size bay then into a man made channel (“the ditch”) today.

WhiteCity N14 (2)

Transitioning from the bay into the channel.

WhiteCity N14 (5)WhiteCity N14 (6)

We passed Bob & Sue on Aestival, whom we met at Panama City. They left a bit earlier than we did this morning.

WhiteCity N14 (7)WhiteCity N14 (9)

The stop tonight is a free dock at White City. Well … we think it will be ok. Lots of Loopers & others) stop here and have for years. Now, there is one sign up that says no overnight docking. You cannot see the sign from the water and if you walk judiciously, you will not see it.

WhiteCity N14 (17)WhiteCity N14 (18)WhiteCity N14 (19)

There is more green grass at the park around the docks & boat ramps than the pic below shows .WhiteCity N14 (20)

The plan is to reach Apalachicola, Fl tomorrow and Carrabelle on Thurs. We have booked a slip at Carrabelle for a week to wait weather out (mostly winds) before we can think about starting to cross from the Panhandle of Florida to the West Coast of Florida. We will stay at Carrabelle until the conditions warrant moving; with the goal of getting to Tarpon Springs, Fl on the west coast. That is 3 to 5 stops, depending on weather & sea conditions before reaching Tarpon Springs. Not sure how many days it will take to do those 3-5 stops … it’s all about the weather, wind and waves.

Stay tuned.

Good night from White City, FL.

WhiteCity N14 (1)

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