Monday, November 13, 2017

Dolphin on the Way to Panama City, FL

Day 206 & 207 … Sun & Mon, Nov 12-13, 2017 … 37.1 miles; 4.5 hours

Choctawhatchee Bay to Panama City Marina

DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR1968.JPGHalf our day will be in a long narrow channel, then into open waters of St Andrews Bay and on to Panama City, Fl.



Once we were in open waters … the dolphin came out to play in our wake.IMG_0074


They would jump up, turn and then slap down on their sides making a noise, which got Cally’s attention!


Dolphin are SO MUCH fun to watch! I do not get tried of it.

Rip got the great idea to aim the GoPro down the side of the boat at our wake, so we could get a video of them playing.

DCIM\100GOPRO\GOPR1971.JPGYep, you guessed it none played with us after we set it up. We will leave it that way until we catch them and post it for you.

All set & ready for them!!

IMG_0076We will be in Panama City for 2 days. A few chores, including getting our “out of state boat registration” since we will be in Florida for more than 90 days.IMG_0078


There is a park setting for Cally just off the dock of this municipal marina. There are also several beautiful memorials.

This one is by the American Legion & Ladies Auxiliary. I loved seeing the permanent flame!


The town’s 911 Memorial is at the water front (verses along the park) with 2 towers, a majestic Eagle and 4 benches with the Airline & Flight Number of the downed aircraft. The benches beckon you to sit, touch them and reflect.

Never forget 911.


Even on a boat, the bike needs tweaking; this time only tires inflated. Rip needs to ride 1.5 miles to the DMV for our “Sojourner’s Permit”. $80+ buck fee for the boat to be in Florida over 90 days.


Friends with a Chocolate Lab onboard Chemistry; Bob, Barb & Tilley are coming into the marina tonight. We have plans for dinner out. More buddy’s - Scott & Linda on Ramble On are also due in this afternoon, but headed to a nearby marina. We hope to catch up with them at dinner, too!

Good night from Panama City …



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