Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Kilkenny, GA to Wait Out the Winds

Day 67 & 68: Tues-Wed, March 26-27, 2019
St Simmons Island GA to Kilkenny, Ga
66 miles   …   7:25 hours traveled

Leaving St Simmons Island, GA

Started as a beautiful calm morning. With a long day of 62 miles ahead of us, we were off the dock by 8:15. After breakfast under way, we picked up the pace to 14-16 mph. High winds are due to set in late in the day. We hope to be docked before it gets crazy. It won't be as bad here as predicted closer to the coast, as we are a bit inland. Loopers up and down the southern east coast are all headed to some place to wait out the winds.

We have seen a pretty Kady Krogen several times including on the St John's River. Today we passed her. Then spotted two vessels on AIS. Herb on Phantom and Serenity. Both Loopers.

The day turned gray for a while. The high will only be in the high 60's. Before 11am it started to clear again, by 1pm sky's were cloudy again.

Not a swanky marina, but a good safe place to hang out while the winds blow. Lots of places to walk Cally. 
Marker found near marina and historic looking building

There is a popular restaurant next door, but too $$ when we have so much food on board. 

And, at this point, it is time to eat down our supply of refrigerated and frozen food. Once the boat is on the trailer the refrigerator will not be running. We will have the portable unit in the truck with us, but it will only hold what we need to travel.
At the dock 

Beautiful Marshland abounds

Our view for two days. We are facing out looking at how we will leave

Not much to look at and showers/bath are out back and not air conditioned 

Cute area to walk Cally around the marina and a few homes.

Today was the day. The day I (Beth) was ready to be off the boat and home. 67 days is enough on a small boat. The trip has been great, the boat has worked well and we have pretty much figured out things work, where things get stored and generally how to live in a small space. But, I am ready to go home!!

We had have docktails with fellow Loopers. Twice...once on their boat and once on ours.  They are on a boat smaller and less appointed then ours. They make it work and they love it.

Tomorrow is Thunderbolt Marina...home of fresh Krispy Kreme donut delivery, right to the boat!!!
Off to Thunderbolt Marina

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