Monday, February 18, 2019

Marathon, FL–A nice, Relaxing Stay!

Feb 9 – Feb 18, 2019; 0 miles traveled

IMG_2423I highly recommend The Keys this time of year! We found the warm, sunny weather and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We visited with friends who stopped by, over Happy Hour & dinners. We enjoyed the pool in the hot afternoons.

Below is Happy Hour by the pool at Faro Blanco with MV Liberty, MV Let’s Go & MV Shell Belle.


I kayaked one afternoon with a couple here at the Marina who also have a Rossi; John & Susan on Mighty Wench.


A client/friend, Jane Wilson took me to tour, see and shop Key West!


Evidently, the higher up in stories you go at the Whistle Bar,  less clothing is worn.

IMG_2829IMG_2828IMG_2827Really small BarIMG_2822IMG_2825IMG_2819IMG_2816IMG_2814

We soaked up the sunsets from the marina beach area.


Not every day is perfect …

Marathon (49)

Cally had lots of walks, another swim and then her Pedicure – all thanks to Greg from Blurred Lines! Cally doesn’t care for nail trimming, unless someone is holding her and a Bully Stick fir her to chew. The Bully Stick distracts her so I can trim her nails with the Dremel tool.


There are Manatee sightings at the marina; up close and personal!!



There were lots of chores; laundry, grocery store runs, etc.

Rip replaced our 1000 Watt Inverter/Charger with a 2000 Watt Inverter/Charger. Rip stowed the original one and has a plan to reuse at home. No Pics, as my duty was to keep Cally out of Rip’s way.

We have enjoyed our stay here; the local boaters are super nice & helpful. The marina manager & staff are equally attentive and supportive. But, it is time to move on and head north.IMG_2418

After a few days at anchor along the way, the next “stop” is Miami to see our best buddies - Frank & Susan!!

Meanwhile, the Pelicans come every afternoon…just in case some one is cleaning their catch.


Bye, Bye Marathon … going to miss you!!

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