Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Our Rosborough RF-246 Gets Upgrades

Dec 14, 2018
IMG_2170If you remember, Rip did a lot of work on the Monk before we started The Great Loop. All that work really paid off while on the Loop, making daily life on a boat easier and no mechanical issues stopping our Loop!!  It should be no surprise then, that he did a lot of work to the Rossi, too!! All this work takes planning, engineering and a LOT of forethought.
We bought a very well maintained boat in very good condition. However, no boat would be complete without the Rip Tyler’s tweaks. Rip has for worked over the last 9 months on mechanics, electronics, cosmetics and various fabrications.
Cosmetic: The boat was washed and stripped of all her prior name logos and green striping.IMG_1313 Interior was striped of palm tree stickers, pirate stickers, pirate boat model and palm tree valances. We did leave the bamboo shades. They may go next year. Exterior was waxed from top to bottom and then, new dark blue stripes and her new name were added.
If you have seen our previous boats, you know we prefer dark blue boats. This boat is an ivory color. BUT, she had green striping and green upholstery. That wouldn’t due.

Added back only the middle striping; leaving the top and hull clean. Added our boat name and hailing port. Less is more!
Added Dri-Dek to the cockpit. this helps Cally not slip.
Added carpet tiles to the interior with rubber underlayment. Again, so Cally wont slip


Corrected a steering issue that was apparently a manufacturing fault in the steering pump.
Adding an additional battery, Victron battery monitor and an Automatic Charging Relay.
New battery means new electrical work and cleaning up prior work correctly. Labels, too.
20180417_15495120180713_105212IMG_1261IMG_1264Adding an Inverter/Battery Charger from one of Rip's favorite online marine stores (great prices and service).
Adding a Windlass (to drop and hoist the anchor) and new anchor; which means removing the bit (aka Samson Post) and cutting a large hole in the boat.
Adding multiple 12 volt plugs so we can charge phones, tablets, vacuum, radio, etc.

The little black things has 2 USB plugs to charge my iPad & iPhone while we are under way.
There are more on Rip’s side
Fixing a Propane leak / Adding a Propane monitor73AB4687-6ABE-475B-956C-2C37D0B0B82C
Added a fuel line for the grill to work off the main LP tank
Added a grill “stand”; a tray for the grill that attaches to the side of the cockpit
Added a rack to carry our kayaks or dinghy
Added a dinghy and adapted an electric kayak motor for propulsion
Adding a Raymarine Auto Pilot with a kill switch

Added AIS transceiver with wireless NEMA2000 gateway so we can see ship’s data and AIS on our wireless devices

Removing the little Garmin Chart Plotter and covering the hole for it

Installed fixed points to attach his Windows 8 Tablet and iPad Mini 4 for navigation software (in lieu of a chart plotter) and engine gauges

Installed a Yacht Devices Wireless Gateway so various electronics can talk to each other

Adding various gauges so we know what is and isn’t running

Repaired the 12 volt plug for the refrigerator and replaced the refrigerator door
Added a second Smart Plug shore power outlet.
Rip created 2 cockpit enclosures. One is screen material for when the weather is nice but there are bugs. One is make with plastic glass windows to protect us from rain and wind. Both consist of 5 panels plus 6 panels that stay in place regardless of which set is installed.
The most clever part is the storage system for the enclosure set not being used.
Created a “permanent” sleeping arrangement in the V BerthIMG_1845IMG_1851

IMG_1854 - Copy - Copy
Created a “Day Bed” for daily loungingIMG_1883
IMG_1885IMG_1887IMG_1889IMG_1895 - Copy - Copy
IMG_1937Created a table that articulates on a Laguna pedestal arm to various positions depending on the need
Recovered the cockpit bench seat and 2 helm seats
There are MANY small things done also; way too many to remember.
All this, just to go cruising …

All the projects Rip creates, makes, fabricates, engineered and/or installed saved us a lot of serious money. To keep supply costs as low as possible, Rip also researched each purchase. One of his favorite places for electronics & equipment is Jeff is very quick to respond (almost regardless of the hour), quick to match or beat prices elsewhere when given the chance and ships ultra-fast!! Our local fabric shop in New Bern, Mill Outlet, or are the go-to places for canvas & sewing supplies, and of course are also utilized often. 


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