Friday, October 13, 2017

Beautiful Anchorage at Dry Creek

Day 176 … Oct 13, 2017 … 42.1 miles; 8 hours; 1 lock

Swallow Bluff Island to Dry Creek

DryCreek Oct13 (3)DryCreek Oct13 (18)DryCreek Oct13 (4)

Sights along the way …

DryCreek Oct13 (21)DryCreek Oct13 (23)

House made of shipping containers; bottom 2 rows perpendicular to the top 2 rows

DryCreek Oct13 (33)DryCreek Oct13 (35)DryCreek Oct13 (44)

Wildlife along the way

DryCreek Oct13 (47)DryCreek Oct13 (29)DryCreek Oct13 (39)DryCreek Oct13 (20)

Only 1 lock today!! Pickwick Lock & Dam is a 55’ rise to Pickwick Lake. You can see the water boiling out as they drain water from the lock to lower to our water level to let us inside. then, we ride up.

DryCreek Oct13 (49)DryCreek Oct13 (48)

DryCreek Oct13 (9)DryCreek Oct13 (11)DryCreek Oct13 (13)DryCreek Oct13 (52)DryCreek Oct13 (55)

Good night at Dry Creek anchorage; this was a beautiful spot. Not great for shore dooty (acceptable), but so serene.

DryCreek Oct13 (58)

DryCreek Oct13 (57)

DryCreek Oct13 (56)

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