Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Hoppies to Kaskaskia Lock Wall–Puppy Palooza!

Day 160 … Wed, Sept 27, 2017 … 42 miles, 3:45 hours
Hoppies to Kaskaskia Lock Wall
Kaskaskia S27 (12)Kaskaskia S27 (8)Kaskaskia S27 (16)
Large tow passed us … look at the WAVES his wake creates … staying away from that turbulence
Kaskaskia S27 (17)
Just a day on the Mississippi, traveling with 3 other Loopers (Firestorm, Gypsies Palace and One Eye Dog). Steve (GP) was in the lead, contacted the approaching tows to coordinate how they wanted us to pass them and conveying each direction back to the group. All went smoothly. GP & OED are faster and on a long day got ahead of Firestorm & us.
Kaskaskia S27 (19)Kaskaskia S27 (20)Kaskaskia S27 (27)
Finally, we reach Kaskaskia River, turn up and to the Kaskaskia Lock. This is not a lock we will do, but instead a lock for boats going from or to Kaskaskia River. We had contacted the lockmaster for permission to tie to the outside of the lock wall for the night. All 4 boats fit and all 4 boats have dogs.
Kaskaskia S27 (5)
The lock wall was SO much fun. Though Fern said you weren’t allowed on the lock wall without a Captains License (2 of the 4 boats had such) … we all got off onto the wide wall and the dogs got to play on the wall. This was also time for more puppy grass matt training for Cally. Though we took her to the boat ramp and RV park on the other side of the lock, we did get her mats re-scented AND she actually went on her mat … now if she will only do it on her mat on the boat. One thing at a time, I guess.
AIS targets on the Mississippi as we are docked off the Mississippi for the night. See the 4 close blue triangles? Those are a dredge and 3 support tugs moving south.
Kaskaskia S27 (2)

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