Saturday, August 19, 2017

Our Last Day in Canada; Meldrum Bay

Day 121 ... Saturday, Aug 19, 2017 ... 33.9 miles; 4:20 hours
Moiles Harbor to Meldrum Bay MarinaMeldrumBay (4)
Time to cross the North Channel to the south side and ease our way back to the USA. Most of the run was in open water, waves were not bad but 2-3 footers and occasional 4 footer. Not a smooth ride, but not difficult. Towards the end Cally got uncomfortable; I left my seat, went back to the area with a rug (think traction) and had her snuggle in between my legs so I could hold her from moving side to side. She has been thru MUCH  worst conditions in this boat. She settled right down and relaxed the rest of the way to the marina.MeldrumBay (5)
Meldrum Bay Marina is a quaint little marina in a sleepy little fishing town. They have 4 nice transient docks for folks like us.
MeldrumBay (6)MeldrumBay (9)
By the end of the day there were at least 5 Looper boats there and some locals. We met Mike and Marian from Midas Touch. They are Gold Loopers, having completed their Loop 4 years ago. MeldrumBay (13)I remember reading their posts and when they closed the Loop. They gave us a few tips about upcoming places, some movies to watch and two places for fabulous desserts not to miss. Midas was their golden retriever, he passed just 2 weeks ago ... so Cally got extras rubs and hugs from them.
MeldrumBay (12)Midas Touch, Firestorm and us went to dinner at the local Inn. MeldrumBay (15)MeldrumBay (18)MeldrumBay (14)
Tomorrow, the USA!!! A beautiful sunrise greeted us this morning, our last day in Canada. MeldrumBay (20)MeldrumBay (22)

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