Monday, August 7, 2017

Baie Fine

Day 108 & 109 … Sunday, August 6 & 7, 2017
Killarney to Baie Finn
BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (12)BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (17)BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (18)BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (16)
One of the prettiest spots we have anchored; Baie Fine (Bay-Fin) is a fjord.
BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (20)BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (22)BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (24)BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (34)
 We anchored outside of “the pool” where it would be less crowded. Lots of boats go thru a narrow cut and into “the pool”. We decided to stay outside and dinghy in to see the stunning scenery. After we arrived, a quick rain storm  blow through. We decided to stay put for the night and go exploring the next day.
BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (38)BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (48)
On Monday, it rained in the am; so we didn’t take off to see the pool until 1pm. Beautiful natural. Back at the end by “the pool” was the “Evinrude House” (reportedly no longer in the Evinrude hands, but originally the lake home of the founder of Evinrude motors. I LOVE the boat garage under the house.
BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (52)BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (59)
There is an area where you can dock the dinghy and climb up to see Topaz Lake. It was such a steep and rocky hike, Rip stopped with Cally 1/2 way up. They went back to shore and Cally got to swim instead of hiking. Mike, Laurie and I went on to the top to see Topaz Lake.
BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (53)BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (54)BaieFine 6Aug7Aug (58)

Ok, it is really pretty … BUT, not worth the hike.
Later, Gypsie’s Palace arrived  … and a quick docktail party erupted.

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