Saturday, June 3, 2017

Statute of Liberty ... and the Hudson!! Finally, New and Different Sights

Day 40 ... May 30, 2017 ... 53.1 miles in 6 HR, 10 min ... GKYC, Staten Island, NY to Half Moon Bay Marina, Croton, NY

Miss Liberty

Couldn't see the top of the new World Trade Center

5 Different patrol boats (NYFD, USCG & Homeland Security) keeping boats out of this river
River was closed due to some dignitary somewhere; we kept going!
183 AIS Targets ... see all the RED boat shaped graphics?
That is not all the boats on our route, just the biggest ones
That's a lot of boats.
Another gray and dreary day for traveling ... this time from Staten Island thru the insanely busy NY Harbor, passed the Statute of Liberty, the new World Trade Center, the NYC skyline and on up the Hudson River.
One of the many high speed ferries for commuters

Skyline further north; out of the city center

Saw Mystic Whaler from Mystic, CT
Day 41 ... May 31, 2017 ... 0 miles traveled
Our 31st Wedding Anniversary ... staying put at Half Moon Bay Marina to celebrate
FINALLY, a nice day AND warmer temps. There is a nice "Riverwalk" path with a park at each end. Cally and I walked alot!! the exercise was great
View to the marina with the Hudson cliffs in the background
Lab Partners is last on the right side of the dock (center of photo) with the blue canvas towering over the seawall

View to land at Half Moon Bay Marina

Hudson in the background

The seawall that keeps most of the waves away from us in the marina
Finally, some sunshine; though still chilly

Marina is next to a commuter train line ... sort of neat hearing the train whistles
Despite it being our anniversary ... chores have to be done. Today was the day to try my/our new ride ... a folding bike with trailer to take the laundry into the town of Croton on Hudson (just a mile or so away).
That's how shopping and laundry gets done when on a boat
I dropped off 22 lbs of laundry at the Wash/Dry/Fold service (it was my/our anniversary, no need spending 3 hours in front of a washer and dryer, right?). Now, in search of a place to get my hair cut. Not trusting I could explain how I wanted my hair cut, I asked a friend to email me close up pics of her hair cut (front, side, back). Lexy at Senses Salon did a great job. I think the photo trick worked. Thanks, Sue Duclos!!
Though the bike folds ... she stores without folding on the flybridge
She has been stored folded under the vee berth until now
Once I survived the hair cut, time pick up a little dessert at a bakery I passed earlier. Rip texted me to pick up lunch, too. With lunch and desserts in hand ... off to pick up the laundry. Well ... laundry wasn't done yet, another hour. Not wanting to wait and Rip having texted me another boat had them pick up their laundry ... I asked if they would deliver to the marina. Henry said YES, no problem, it's free!! So, off to the boat I go. Rip and I enjoyed a nice lunch and within 5 mins of the promised delivery time, Henry called, he was at the marina office with our laundry. How awesome is that!! And, a good thing, since we needed to leave early the next morning. Would hate to leave without our clothes.

Day 42 ... June 1, 2017 ... Half Moon Bay Marina to Shadows Marina, Poughkeepsie, NY ... 43.4 miles traveled in 5 hours, 50 mins
West Point
Today was one of the prettiest days; stunning scenery, warmer temps (despite a quick passing shower). I will let the pics tell the story.
Looked like a hotel near West Point

What looked like Officer quarters for West Point

What a beautiful backdrop for West Point

West Point

Leaving West Point with 1 center console boat (a fellow looper far right) and 4 PWC's

Trains run on each side of the Hudson ,,, as far as we have gone, so far. The commuter trains, like this one, are on the east side and the cargo/freight trains are on the west side
Neat spot, with stairs carved out of rock up to a bench carved out of rock

Lab Partners on the far right ... with the beautiful hills surrounding us.

The scenery just doesn't get old ... 
The bridge in front of us is lighted every night. It was stunning!!
Dockmaster says the city (Poughkeepsie) changes the lights with the seasons and holidays.
They even will coordinate with music when there are festivals.

The next morning, the dockmaster, Keith, delivered the biggest, best breakfast sandwiches to the boat!!
Oh my, egg, bacon, sausage, cheese, sausage, bacon, egg. WOW.

Day 43 ... June 2, 2017 ... Shadows Marina to Catskill Marina, Catskill, NY ... 37.7 miles traveled in 5 hours
The scenery is simply captivating ... I have enjoyed
We're not in the Chesapeake Bay anymore ...

Esopus Meadows Lighthouse
Kingston Point Lighthouse marking the channel entrance

Saugerties Lighthouse has a little park island off it to sit and enjoy the vistas

Lighthouse at Saugerties marking the entrance channel

Windjammer cruise with kids aboard... neat way to see the Hudson

Beautiful ... everywhere we look.
Marker on land ... so deep water right up to the rock cliff 

SO MUCH nicer than the narrow route through NJ!!
I/we have thoroughly enjoyed the seeing new sights of the Hudson River. We only have 37 miles from here to the start of the Erie Canal System in Troy, NY. So, not much of the Hudson is left, but the canal systems should be interesting.
However, we are here at Catskill, NY for several days. There is lots rain coming, for 3 days; plus, we are waiting for a Amazon shipment to the marina for us AND we have to pick up refills for various medicines Rip and I need. So, here we will stay until all this gets done. More on that next update

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  1. Looks wonderful! I love the lighthouses. The scenery is beautiful. It's fun following along. Looked at your tracks for the first time. It's fun to see them going up a river. I'm so used to ours going from island to island. How is Cally liking the whole thing?