Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Welaka - Fruitland, FL

Tues & Wed, March 12 & 13, 2019; Green Cove Springs to Fruitland, Fl
55.5 miles   …   7 Hours
A bumpy, rolly night with winds rolling waves at us on the beam (side).There was one long stretch of calm, but the waves started up again a couple hours before sunrise.  We couldn’t wait to get under way. 
Even this steel hull sailboat was bouncing. Interesting rig. Owners says he traded his truck for it. Previous owner was 80 and built it.

Not the prettiest day but a comfortable ride to Welaka. We had the river to ourselves. 

We saw this lighted mark at a rakish angle.

Once closer we saw an eagle on it. Guess he didn't want to have his picture taken. He took of right as I was ready to take a shot of him.

The day brightened just as we were approaching the start of the most interesting, southern, section of the St John's River.
Sights along the way
Looked like a train station depot

Railroad bridge in the up position...yeah!

Original plans were to stop at the Welaka, Fl town dock, visit with looper friends Scott & Lolo (MV Bad Habit) on Tues. Then move 4 miles south to the pier at the home of looper friends Jim & Kim (Kia Mae). Well, plans changed for the better. We went straight to the pier at the Passwater home. Let the fun begin.

Lab Partners partially tucked into the boat house

Jim surveying Fruitland Cove

Our view tonight

Oh, and this little fella was hanging around, too 

Next up (after a beer and showers) was a trip to Scott & Lolo’s house for dinner. Scott prepared a “Paleo” meal for us! Kim’s fabulous Banana Pudding wasn’t Paleo but amazing. So incredibly thoughtful and GOOD! We got a tour of their new Class A Motor Coach (Fabulous), tour of the new to them home and got to meet Ruby, their 5 month old Mini Golden Doodle!! 
Lolo, Kim, Scott, Jim & Rip

Cally & Ruby hanging out

Next up was Brunch at a favorite local place, Shrimps R Us & More. Then, a tour of town in Lolo’s 4 wheelerWelaka is a neat place.
Scott & Lolo arrive in style!

Our tour guide, Lolo

Off we go

Dinner the next night was at Kim & Jim’s. Kim’s Paella was delicious!!! More Banana Pudding AND Key Lime Pie!!

Here comes the Paella

Dinner is served!
After dinner was a run to a local watering hole to catch the sunset – Renegades. Well, and a couple drinks, too.
Kim & Jim (Kia Mae)

Lolo & Scott (Bad Habit)


Sunset at Renegades After dinner by the fire pit … what a day!!

Unfortunately, we have to leave …

A very special memory along the St John’s River. So much fun to catch up with looper pals!!

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