Friday, March 15, 2019

Silver Glen Springs & Astor, FL

Thurs, March 14 & 15, 2019; Fruitland, Fl to Astor, Fl

24.9 miles      4.5 hours

Today we are headed from one Looper pier/party to another in Astor FL. But, first up today we are going to go into Silver Glen Springs, drop the hook (anchor) and have lunch. EVERYONE says you must see Silver Glen Springs. In this boat we can go into the spring area.
Entering Silver Glen Springs

Not all boats can go into Silver Glen Springs; many have to anchor out and dinghy in

Stunning, clear water

Just look at that water

heading out

The winds died down, the sun warmed up and the pontoon/little fast boats came out. So, we pulled anchor and continued on to Astor. Sights along the way …

turtles on a log

As we neared the turn off to the channel to Mike & Laurie’s home/pier … out of nowhere comes a fast boat moving at us. It’s Mike in his Boat US Tow Boat to escort us.

here comes Mike

here comes Mike!

what a guy - escort all the way to the pier

Later Mike tells us he was going into a creek, hide, wait for us and then come out at speed with his siren on. Glad he didn’t!! What a jokester he is.

Floating screen patio - they have all the toys

our view for tonight

a fenced yard for Cally, Cinder & Sunny

First up, after doggy time and showers) is dinner out at Blackwater Inn. Now, this is my kind of place. Old fashioned restaurant with great staff, very good food and close to home!!

Laurie & Mike

Friday, Laurie and I went into to Orange Park for hair cuts. Afterwards, Mike cooked London Broil, green Beans & Baked Potatoes for all!! And, Key Lime Pie. So much good food in so short a time. I’m stuffed thinking about it all.
We spent more time with Mike and Laurie on Firestorm while on the Loop than any other boat/couple. It was a blast to see them again and catch up. Yes, we saw them twice last summer at our pier as they ventured to and from the Chesapeake Bay … But, it’s never enough.

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