Friday, December 1, 2017

Laishley Park Municipal Marina, Punta Gorda … for a month!

Day 225 … Fri, Dec 1, 2017 … 38.8 miles, 4:45 hours

Days 226-230 … Sat-Wed Dec 2-6, 2017

Indian Mound Park, Sarasota, FL to Laishley Park Municipal Marina, Punta Gorda, FL

PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (11)Our last cruise for a while; time to hang out, enjoy the weather, get some chores done and relax. But first we have to get there.PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (12)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (10)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (4)

More wildlife along the way today …

PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (7)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (9)

PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (16)

We heard the town had Christmas Events planned for tonight … we found the info, but ran out of energy to join in the festivities.

PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (24)

Yep, missed the tree lighting …

The marina is quite nice … most everything we could want with multiple parks for Cally, home made ice cream shop at the marina, nice restaurant at the marina, downtown shopping & more restaurants is on the other side of the parking lot from the marina including a Farmers Market every Saturday! Other big town amenities are just an Uber or rental car away.

PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (13)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (14)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (15)

Other Looper friends (Donna Mae & Craic) are already here, including Riley from Craic … one of Cally’s buddy dogs!

PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (17)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (18)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (19)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (25)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (26)

Cally has meet a few of the local dogs, including Mandy the 7 month old pup. They are great friends already and enjoy chasing each other and wearing each other out!!

PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (27)

There is even a Tiki Bar Restaurant on the walking trail.

PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (28)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (20)

Guess Santa is looking for inspiration on which town to stop by first …

Saturday I shopped the Farmers market … one of the best I had seen on the Loop.

PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (23)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (22)PuntaGordaLaishley 1Dec5 (21)

Docktails on Donna Mae with Craic to watch the super moon rise … no one took photos.

Oh well, next time.


  1. Love all the parks. Can Cally get off her leash at them?

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