Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Maximo Park, FL

Day 222 … Tues, Nov 28, 2017 … 29.9 miles, 4.5 hours

Marker One Anchorage, Dunedin, FL to Maximo Park, FL

MaximoPark N28 (25)A short day today; under 30 miles!!! The whole crew is rejoicing.

Some of the sights from the ICW today:

MaximoPark N28 (1)MaximoPark N28 (2)MaximoPark N28 (3)MaximoPark N28 (10)MaximoPark N28 (12)MaximoPark N28 (19)

MaximoPark N28 (5)

Even birds have to scratch themselves

MaximoPark N28 (21)MaximoPark N28 (26)

MaximoPark N28 (15)

Being invaded by Pirates

MaximoPark N28 (27)

Another great park for Cally, almost perfect; except No Dogs on the beach or allowed swimming from the beach.  The anchorage is by the beach and close location to floating docks by the public boat ramps at a large park (with trash cans!!)

MaximoPark N28 (23)MaximoPark N28 (22)MaximoPark N28 (24)MaximoPark N28 (36)MaximoPark N28 (29)MaximoPark N28 (31)MaximoPark N28 (34)

Cally enjoyed herself, despite the lack of beach access.MaximoPark N28 (33)MaximoPark N28 (37)

In pic below … Can you spot all THREE birds in the mangroves??

MaximoPark N28 (39)

Just a little recap … here is where we have been so far (our satellite tracker wasn’t working quite right when we started our Loop) .

MaximoPark N28 (1)

I still have a hard time believing we were in Canada for 2 months this summer in our boat and have now crossed The Gulf of Mexico and are in Florida.

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