Sunday, November 26, 2017

Cedar Key, Florida

Day 220 … Sun, Nov 26, 2017 … 59 miles, 7 hours

Sea Hag Marina, Steinhatchee FL to Cedar Key Anchorage

CedarKey N26 (23)We don’t like to run long days in a row, just for Cally’s sake. Today is still long but not as bad as yesterday, 2:15 hours shorter. In this next stretch down the west coast of Florida, there are not a lot of choices of places that will accommodate our boat AND getting Cally off onto a dock nor anchorages with topography to get her to shore.

Off we go, into the sun … dodging strings of crab pots.CedarKey N26 (26)CedarKey N26 (2)CedarKey N26 (29)

CedarKey N26 (30)Dolphin played in our wake but never high enough for a good picture. They sure seem shy.

CedarKey N26 (9)CedarKey N26 (14)

After a long run down the coast, we turn into Cedar Key towards the anchorage. It is a crazy, but well marked channel. There is a marked portion of the channel with a 90 degree turn and basically a U Turn.

CedarKey N26 (15)

CedarKey N26 (17)We have 10’ or more in the channel and easily get to a close in spot to anchor.

CedarKey N26 (18)CedarKey N26 (19)

In the pic above, we’re anchored in front of homes and by the public pier, we are close to the marked dinghy channel to floating docks and boat ramp. In the dinghy we will go through the hole under the road/pier. Taller, larger boats with T-Tops, Tuna Towers, etc go around the pier to the new boat ramp with no height restriction.CedarKey N26 (39)CedarKey N26 (37)CedarKey N26 (38)

Once on land … Rip has found another great park for Cally! this one has a beach, covered pavilions, walking path, etc. Very cute, and yes, trash cans, too. Couple restaurants out by the pier look popular, too. I am sure this is a spot we could hang out for another day, but we are anxious to move on south.

CedarKey N26 (31)

Unfortunately it is too cool and too late in the day for Cally to go swimming … not enough time for her to dry off!

CedarKey N26 (33)CedarKey N26 (35)CedarKey N26 (40)CedarKey N26 (43)

A stunning sunset awaited us as we returned from our last shore dooty of the day …

CedarKey N26 (46)CedarKey N26 (1)CedarKey N26 (56)CedarKey N26 (61)

Good night from Cedar Key, Florida!

CedarKey N26 (62)

Tomorrow … not sure. Several places we would stop like Tarpon Springs and Dunedin Municipal Marina are full. The favorite anchorages along the way have beaches that do not allow dogs. Something will work out; Rip has several alternative spots picked depending on how long we decide to run … but it will be another long day.

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