Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Denson Island anchorage

Day 174 … Wed, Oct 11, 2017 … 37 miles; 5 hours

Richland Creek to Denson Island

Densons Oct11 (1)Another dreary, overcast day. However, it was cool, almost cold. Dramatic difference in temperature. With the fly bridge enclosure acting like a solarium, even with overcast skies we were comfy. Ok, I had a sweatshirt on and flannel lined jeans on, but I was comfy.

Densons Oct11 (3)Densons Oct11 (4)Densons Oct11 (6)

We passed two commercial vessels today; a cargo ship (Rip later read that this ship had taken out a bridge a few years ago) and a tow. Otherwise, just lots and lots of small fishing boats. otherwise, a boring day.

Densons Oct11 (7)

We are on the Kentucky Lake section of the Tennessee River. It is supposed to be stunning, especially vivid with fall color. Dreary days have not shown us the beauty we have read about. I also doubt there will be as much color this year with the drought in the area. Hope I am wrong; we have some nice days coming up.

Densons Oct11 (10)

Tonight, we ducked behind an island to protect us from wakes of the fishing boats and tows. It also gives us a place to land Cally for shore dooty on the island side. The mainland side is pretty with handsome houses, a clubhouse and pretty woodlands.

Densons Oct11 (11)

Below is a pic of what looks to be a tiny Club … Handsome clubhouse and beautiful commercial pool plus boat house around the corner. It’s for sale … anyone interested??

Densons Oct11 (12)Densons Oct11 (13)

Clouds parted after we anchored. Cally went to shore and not long after, Scott Free came in for the night. They were at the same spot as us last night. Densons Oct11 (14)

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