Monday, July 17, 2017

TSW - Hastings & Peterbrough (Locks 13-19)

Day 78 ... July 7, 2017 ... 21.1 miles and 6 locks in 7.5 hours
Lock 11/12 Wall, Campellford, ON to Lock 18 Wall, Hastings, ON
waiting on the Blue Line for the lock to drain water and open for us
What a day ... what a long, tiring day for all 3 f us. We were on the water moving before 9am only to be stopped at the first lock, #13, to wait for 7 boats to lock up ahead of us. And, the trend continued the rest of the day. We waited at every lock entrance for others to finish locking thru and then wait for the lock to release the water for us to enter, lock up and continue. 
Canal between more open waters or river

going past Campbellford Town Docks
Looper friends on the walls each side

tranquil at times

leaving a lock

Cally was such a good girl. She has really settled into a nice groove being patient, hanging out and napping as we start and stop, six times over. Her being settled while we handle locking means I do not have to worry about her and that makes me happy.
There is a tiny sandy beach close by, so I am sure she will have swim time again. But, not tonight ... we are all too tired.
COOL boat house and waterfront patio!!

making the turn into Hastings

The town of Hastings is right at the dock ... or is the dock right at the town of Hastings? Either way, like most of towns on the Trent Severn Waterway, they are right by the locks and really like the boaters to stop and shop. There is an ice cream shop on the corner ... pretty sure we will hit it before our dinner. Well, that one closed at 5 and we didn't make it. So, after dinner we went to the one across the bridge.
Sunset at Hastings; see the tent??
Canadians really do use their parks and waterfront; which is really built for the public to use!!


 TWO Near Disasters ... The Current is Swift at times and in places by the locks from the dams

See how close the dam is to us??
See the wall this side of the flags suspended on a cable?
Night before we arrived a trawler trying to get to that Blue Line wall to wait for the lock opening (in the am)
was pulled by the dam current around the wall and towards the dam. they hit that wall, broke the safety cable
then hit the other side of the wall as they were swept around and towards the dam
luckily were able to throttle up and get back upstream and anchor in the lake, but needed a diver to unwrap the prop & cable
Dam was shut down for a few hours while a new (what you see) temporary cable was strung
NOW, this wasn't the boat owners on the boat. Boat had just been bought and 3 men were on delivery with the boat to the owner. Humm ... glad it wasn't my boat.
THEN, while we were there a gal on a SeaDoo wasn't paying attention, didn't see the current and she was swept around the wall, hit her back on the temp cable, heading backwards to the dam. Others with her yelled GIVE IT ALL YOU CAN and she hit it and escaped upstream to safety but was scared and near collapsed on the handlebars of the SeaDoo. Took her a while to calm down, then, as she re-approached the wall she almost did it again. 

this is the dam the boat and SeaDoo almost were swift to

this is the current downstream which affect us as we went into the lock wall area (to left) as, this current wraps around that adjoining wall too
Day 79 ... July 8, 2017 ... 00 miles
Lock wall 18, Hastings, ON
Quiet day with laundry to do, some prep cooking for travel days ahead and just plain relaxing to do after yesterday. Cally needs a swim.
Cally getting dried off after a swim

Cally exhausted after the swim

Day 80 ... July 9, 2017 ... 38 miles in 6 hours
Hastings, ON to Peterborough, ON
More open water & less locks today!!

a few nice days in a row ... WOW

On the move today from lock wall 18 to lock wall 19 in Peterborough; home of the famous Peterborough Lift Lock. It is the tallest hydraulic lift in the world, at 65'. There are two "pans" of water that go up and down. This time we will drive into the lock, grab the same style cables, as all the other TSW locks, put a line around the cables from the bow and stern. Only we will not slide up the cable hold the boat ... we just hold the boat as the water in the pan doesn't move, the entire pan gets lifted 75' in the air. 
Our spot for the night at lock wall 20; on the low side

looking back from the lock to our spot for the night

The famous Peterbrough Lift Lock
one pan of water up and one down ready to let out a bunch of kayakers
yes, they raise and lower for canoes and kayaks, too

the lift mechanism 

view from the top of the up stream approach walls to the lift

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